Lady GaGa Continues to Channel the Greats…

I can’t believe it but you are currently reading my 200th post!…it only took a little over a year to get here…I haven’t been able to sleep so well this weekend, no idea why…Lady GaGa paid a visit to The Today Show on Friday, I had it saved on the DVR, so when I woke up way too early this morning, I decided to watch it…as you know, GaGa’s Monster Ball Tour is just starting to take over the US…I would die if I could go; she always, on TV anyway, produces pretty good live performances…I was glad to see GaGa bring back her hand-held mic for The Today Show performances…and what would a GaGa set be without a tune from the piano…”You and I” is a brand new song GaGa will release on her newly completed third album, title unknown, early in 2011…however, she has been performing this new song here and there and at a few tour stops…actually, there’s a rumored Remix cd that is currently selling well overseas that will land in the US in the coming weeks…
Lady GaGa channels a glam-era Elton John in this performance…she is wonderful and I confess, I think I like this rock jam better than “Speechless”…thanks for reading my blog, there will be many more to come…xoxoxo

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