It appears my nightmares may become more vivid…
Well, I don’t how this got by me, but season 8 of Project Runway premieres July 29th at 9pm E on Lifetime…as you recall, I’ve renounced my blogging of the show, because IT HAS TO STOP!…Don’t get me wrong, reality competition shows can go on for years, i.e. Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Top Chef, however, Project Runway has lost its original wow factor!…the main reason? moving the show from Bravo to Lifetime…granted, there was a lengthy legal battle to get season 6 on the air after it sat on the shelf for several months…and airing season 6 needed to happen, but that’s where it should have ended…but you can’t end a show on a sour note, thus Lifetime is prolonging the torture…even the designs last season were very lackluster…I was hoping at least the fashion part of the show would stay intact, nope!…I’ve already aired my grievances on how the designers themselves have become a cliche’, from your average-looking, father of two to an over-the-top screaming queen…I use the same comparison for the female designers, just switch pronouns…and when you get tired of Tim that’s a bad sign…he’s still great as a mentor and he’s good for the occasional catty one-liner, but even he’s not wowing anymore…don’t even get me started on Heidi and Nina…I still love Michael Kors as a judge…but I just can’t commit to watching it much anymore…UGH!

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