Good Enough for Me and My Bobby McGee???

Yesterday, there came a sign that a Janis Joplin biopic may finally get off the ground, with Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams now tagged to play one of the biggest rock icons of all-time…and yes, Adams can sing…however, she’ll need to swallow some gravel to get that signature Joplin fry…
This makes the, oh let’s say, sixth actress/singer tied to play Joplin…it all started probably fifteen years ago when Melissa Etheridge was still with Julie Cypher, and Cypher was set to direct her lady in a Joplin movie…I guess that didn’t quite pan out…and really no one took on the project for many, many years…I think the next name I heard to possibly take on Janis was Renee Zellweger, which we know she can sing, but that project went nowhere, as it did with Zooey Dechanel…another singing actress…not ballsy enough…
One name that stood out as a possible Joplin was Pink!…how could that have gone wrong??? and that particular project had a pretty cool director tied to it, Penelope Spheeris…Pink even did a screen test…I wonder if anyone has it?…
Well, whomever ends up playing Janis…she better bring it!:

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