Re-Thinking My Summer Watchin’ TV List…

I guess you could say we’re about halfway through the Summer TV season…and I haven’t quite as faithful as I hoped I would be….It’s not that the shows I recommended are bad, I just get really bored fast…for example, I know Hot in Cleveland has received rave reviews and it has been picked up for a full season next year, but frankly, I’m over it already…Don’t get me wrong, Betty White is great and she gets all the good jokes, but her supporting cast just isn’t doing it for me…I mean Wendie Malick is basically playing the exact same character she played on Just Shoot Me, Jane Leeves is a little more naughty than she was on Fraiser, and Valerie Bertinelli plays the sweet, apologetic one…not the most compelling formula…I may give it another try…
One of my picks I’m really disappointed in this season… is Obsessed…I’m really bored with it…I mean, how many different compulsions can one show explore?…many of them are starting to blur together…germaphobes, overprotective mothers, some guy afraid of El Caminos, etc….I don’t see it going past two or three seasons…I also had The Green Room with Paul Provenza on my list and it’s actually sort of good, however, I always forget when it comes on and some of the comedians, again, are boring and tired….I think it would help if the show was live…
I’m still in love with True Blood, Top Chef, Work of Art, and yes, I’ve been sticking with The Real L Word….how?…I’ll never know…
I’m excited to share a new find my mother and I discovered last weekend….TLC aired back-to-back episodes of a great reality show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys…here they are:
We were instantly captivated!!!…the premise?  two gay city boys move to upstate NY, renovate the Beekman house, they have 80 goats, chickens, two pigs, turkeys, and they live off those animals and the organic fare….author Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner, Dr. Brent Ridge struggle with life on the farm, but they are learning something new everyday…oh, I omitted their llama, Polka Dot…Purcell’s most recent memoir, The Bucolic Plague,  is all about the boys’ continuing experiment…Dr. Brent previously worked with Martha Stewart, not a shock, and he is adorable…his accent is unmistakably Southern, he’s from North Carolina…of course the show is wonderful (PLANET GREEN, Wednesdays 9p E/8pC), but if you want to see what the boys are up to, head over to And naturally, you can follow them and Polka Dot on Facebook and Twitter….FABULOUS!

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