American Idol…the 180 Degrees Edition…

In just 24 hours time, Ellen DeGeneres quits Idol, then today, it’s reported Kara DioGuardi has been served her walking papers!…of course it’s also rumored that super Idol producer and So You Think You Can Dance judge, Nigel Lythgoe is coming back…Ellen didn’t help  Idol, and she’s been quoted as telling Fox that the show just “wasn’t the right fit” for her…not many people were oblivious to that statement…of course Idol didn’t fit Ellen!…she always said she didn’t like to hurt people’s feelings, but I’m not sure that’s the real reason she’s leaving…DeGeneres is starting her own record label, which doesn’t really make any sense, since most of her roster, I predict, will consist of Idol rejects…I hope Alex Lambert hasn’t signed a deal yet…I wouldn’t necessarily call Ellen’s stint as a judge a FAIL, but it wasn’t great…on the other hand…
I’m really glad to see Kara DioGuardi go!…again, it’s not that she was a bad judge, she just didn’t really captivate the audience in quite the way Paula did…she always came off as a little bit mean and clueless at the same time…however, she still has a good behind-the-scenes career ahead of her, so all is not lost…you never know, she may show up on TV again…and at the moment, she has reason to cheer, Carrie Underwood’s “Undo It”, which she helped write, just went to #1 on the Country charts…she’ll be all right…
Well as news broke DioGuardi got the axe, a new judge has already been hired:
Yes, Jennifer Lopez will be a judge in season 10…and why is Steven Tyler there?…he’s rumored to be the final piece of the judging puzzle…Randy Jackson’s contract ends after season 10, so as far as we know, he’s staying put…Supposedly, Fox also met with Elton John and Justin Timberlake…and they met a little while ago with someone who I’m still trying to figure out why…Chris Isaak…now, this is all good and fine, but I still think the talent is hurting the show, not the judges…many dates on current Idols Live tour were pulled due to poor ticket sales…and to be fair, we won’t know how the recent winner, Lee DeWyze, and runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, will succeed until each releases a full album later this year…I’m already very leery of how each will do, especially DeWyze…
In the end, it’s gonna take a miracle to revive American Idol…that’s it!

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