Sex and Violence and Lots O’ Blood!

I was just alerted to the newest Rolling Stone cover and oh my!!!!…yes, I had one of my mini-Tourette’s moments when I saw it…there’s no doubt True Blood is back and it is definitely better than last season…and it’s been very, very bloody for the last few episodes…the carnage is what I’m sure chases away the Emmy voters–FYI…the Emmys are a week from this Sunday–but heck, this year’s Best Drama Series nomination is based on season 2, which wasn’t totally a snooze, but it wasn’t great either…season 3 has amped up everything..from new creatures to lots of gay moments…and I mean really gay…I won’t give anything away for those of you who still haven’t joined the fang banger band wagon…and you must join NOW!…of course it would help to catch up on the first two seasons…I’m not sure how helpful Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels would be either…I’ve been told they omit at least 2 major characters, I won’t say who…I really need to get back into a reading kick and check the novels out…anyway, the magazine is cover HAWT! HOT, both you see…I’m very glad and I thank God I subscribe to Rolling Stone…OH Sookie! (and Anna Paquin)

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