In The Battle of Glee vs. Modern Family….

The Emmys chose, well, the better show….the show that has brought back what a comedy series is…it’s too bad Glee doesn’t really fall into either Comedy or Drama….Variety????..both Modern Family and Glee walked away from last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards with 5 apiece…I know Jane Lynch took home the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series trophy was no shocker, but when Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet captured Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, splitting the 3-way tie with his fellow cast members, Ty Burrell and a weeping Jesse Tyler Ferguson, I knew MF had a legitimate shot at the taking home Best Comedy Series, and they did!!!…
Before any of the fireworks and the Temple Grandin takeover, the Emmy opening may have been the best ever!
I was certain Glee had all the momentum in the world to win big after the opening number…I was laughing my ass off when Kate Gosselin was dissed!…and is there anything Tina Fey can’t do?…last night was the first time I watched the entire Emmys show….and yes, 5 Emmys went to the HBO original film, Temple Grandin…and Temple was there for all the world to see…what I don’t get is why no one knew who she was until after last night’s broadcast…I loved the movie, and I looked up Temple Grandin around the time the movie debuted on HBO, so I wasn’t in the dark…I was probably more shocked Claire Danes was finally validated and she won her first Emmy portraying such a unique woman….of course I made the joke that the real Temple Grandin’s fashion style evoked a familiar face:
Sorry, I had to go for it…congratulations to everyone on their Emmy victories!

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