Deconstructing Prince Poppycock…

To me, Klaus Nomi will always be untouchable…however, Prince Poppycock, I believe, will come very close…John Andrew Quale aka PP, is the breakout star of the latest installment of America’s Got Talent…yeah, there’s some little girl who sings opera…whatever!…PP has been performing in NYC for years, and I’m sorry, but his act will be perfect for Las Vegas…how can it not be?…PP already has the elaborate Vegas-like production down…it’s marvelous…
It’s just too good not to make it to Vegas….and I only learned of PP a few weeks ago; I make it a point usually to skip America’s Got Talent, though I must say, it’s extremely entertaining…I rely heavily on Joel McHale and The Soup for the killer clips!…and you know you will see an excerpt from PP’s latest perfomance on Friday night’s show…I guess I need to vote huh?..oh, here’s what he really looks like:

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