GaGa, Meat, Lettuce, Taylor, and CHER!!!

I made it a priority last night not to watch the VMAs, at least not until after the True Blood finale (cliffhangers galore!), however, I ended up catching most of the second hour…and yes, Lady GaGa is awesome!…who cares about her meat dress, which by the way, the meat? REAL!…since she wasn’t performing last night, she made an impact with both her fashion and her gay activism…YAY!…GaGa won a record 8 VMAs for her opus “Bad Romance”…she arrived at the ceremony with several military members on her arms, as a sign to get members of Congress and the Senate to finally repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which a judge ruled unconstitutional over the weekend…when she won Pop Video of the Year, she had to have several people help her lift her gown so she could walk to the stage, luckily, it wasn’t that far away…the other big happening that didn’t happen last night was a reunion of Taylor Swift and Kanye West after West jumped up on stage and ranted about how Beyonce’ had the “best video of all time!”…geez!…they did not appear onstage together, rather, each performed a new song about the experience…and I’m sorry, but Taylor Swift sang like she had dead lice falling off of her…somehow, the crowd ate up the performance, but I guess I didn’t get it…I only caught the last part of Kanye’s performance, which was virtually inaudible…oh well…
Back to GaGa, she made her first post-VMA appearance on the Ellen season premiere which aired today…natually, Ellen respects GaGa, with the exception of that damn meat dress!…and yes, PETA was not happy, but good God!…instead Ellen offered GaGa a different fashion option:
Lettuce!…oh well…
My biggest thrill, which I didn’t see live on the VMAs, CHER returned to present Video of the Year in her “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit from over 20 years ago!…yeah, she doesn’t quite look the same in it, but it’s friggin’ Cher!…I cannot WAIT to see Burlesque!…anyway, when GaGa received her 8th award, she announced the title of her new album coming out next year:

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