Dreams Come True!…Maybe…

So I read online today that Lady GaGa is bringing the Monster Ball to…Nashville!!!!  I’m praying to all the Gods I will be lucky enough to see the spectacle; now if I’m really lucky, Scissor Sisters, who will open several spring dates for GaGa, will also be on the bill.  I will die and go to heaven if that’s who the suporting act is.  I checked the Sisters’ dates and their dates with GaGa only go until the end of March, GaGa will be a Bridgestone Arena April 19th.  Now I must consider, although I have some friends who will be in touch, how much I’m willing to pay; and really, I don’t care.  I don’t think $100 is too much to see a once in a lifetime true artist. Oh you know when I got word of this, I spread it around like wildfire, because tickets go on sale this Saturday (9/25) and they will sell out fast!  And by April, GaGa’s new album, Born This Way, should be out, God let it be so.   

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