GLEE Against the Music…

Okay, so the “Britney/Brittany” episode was no Madonna tribute episode, but it was really awesome!  I know many fans may be disillusioned with the many tribute episodes coming up in season 2 (I’m sorry, but the Rocky Horror one should be epic!) however, putting Britney Spears back in the spotlight is not such a bad idea.  Rachel/Lea Michele made the comment that “we grew up with Britney Spears…” and so did many other Glee fans, hey, me too by God!  The episode wasn’t so much a tribute/fantasy, but a way to re-discover all the magic Spears was once capable of.  She’s only 28, almost 29, but Spears may have something left to offer.  I guess my only complaint is that all of these Britney fantasies were experienced at the expense of nitrous oxide, thanks Uncle Jesse!   It’s Glee’s second journey into questionable drug use, after season one when Terry Schuester supplied the gang with speed.  But hey, we all live and learn; that’s how the world of high school is these days, Glee just makes it fun.  I think I may download some of this week’s gems…
Carry on!

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