Project Runway Finale or Gretchen’s Revenge…

Halloween came early Thursday night.  Gretchen “I’m not a bitch but I play one on TV” Jones was crowned season 8 Project Runway winner.  My Mom called it; I was still holding out hope for Mondo Guerra to overcome his costume-like collection and he would take it.  Nope!  Even Andy South’s collection, which was extremely cohesive, was automatically denounced by Nina and Michael.  I’m not very happy with them right now.  I’m glad Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson stood up for Mondo.  After all, it’s Heidi’s show, right?  I usually like my winners of reality competitions to be a little more likable, and Gretchen NEVER was.  This is not like Russell losing Survivor, twice!  This is like an evil succubus who stopped at nothing to put down every single designer and then in the end, she came out on top. 
I’m sorry, but Gretchen’s collection, which showed first, was boring as all get out.  Gretchen tended to use the same drab colors all season long and with Fashion Week, she didn’t change her tune.  I call her collection, “Carmen San Diego Goes on Safari and She Hopes She’s Never Found!”  I mean, really?!?  The panel argued endlessly on whether Gretchen’s line was fashion foward enough.  I say NOT, because it wasn’t high fashion and it had zero imagination.  Her only leg to stand on was, her clothes were wearable, that’s it period.  Mondo’s was not totally wearable, but it’s what I expect to see at Fashion Week, it was imaginative, creative, and very daring.  I think you’ll see both Mondo and Andy show at Fashion Week next time and maybe beyond. 
So, am I done with Project Runway?  I’m not sure.  I just want someone with a better personality to win, that’s all.

Don’t Dream It, Glee It!

I really liked The Rocky Horror Glee Show!  Sure, there were some questionable lyric changes and such, but it was solid episode.  Glee has really topped itself so far this season; only 5 episodes have aired, and it won’t slow down.  I think it’s interesting Sue Sylvester went the political, culture warrior route in bashing New Directions this week.  In reality, a high school putting on Rocky Horror as a musical, probably wouldn’t fly, and in the end, it didn’t fly at McKinley High. 
The episode was about Will’s attempt to win Emma back; she and her new beau, Carl, played by John Stamos, are avid Rocky Horror fans.  So Will thought he could win her back if the Glee club staged the show.  As the episode was taking shape, there were rumors of some original Rocky movie cast members would be guest starring.  Barry Bostwick (Brad) and Meat Loaf (Eddie) made the scene as TV station managers who want Sue to do an expose’, as part of her “Sue’s Corner” commentary, to expose how wrong it is for a school to stage Rocky Horror; and Sue naturally goes along with it.  She wants the show to go on, despite casting difficulties, and the now infamous risque subject matter.  And that’s where many Rocky Horror fans, like myself, find fault. 
You would think a show as popular as Glee could get away with the racy lyrics, but they did not.  The biggest change many fans are crying foul about is, one, Mercedes decides to take on the role of Frank N Furter after Mike Chang’s parents object to the script and two, the “transsexual” line in “Sweet Transvestite” is changed to “sensational”.  However, Mercedes playing Frank N Furter is a revelation and she says she learns how to “Dont dream it, be it”.  It’s somewhat justified.  The other number that met lyric changes is “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me”; Emma helps Will, after Will decides he should play Rocky instead of Sam.  It all goes back to “these kids shouldn’t have to deal with the adult implications” theory, which is silly.  What is refreshing is that the show is continuing to push, albeit a subtle push, that Brittany and Santana are a couple.  They hide and watch Emma and Will, taking on the Magenta and Coumbia commentary of the song. 
The other numbers are pretty good; the opening of the episode has the infamous lips singing “Science Fiction Double Feature” complete with the pause, the title, and the cast listing.  I applaud Finn/Cory Montieth’s Brad; he got the dorkiness and the awkwardness down to a tee.  He doesn’t want to strip down as the show calls for.  John Stamos shined as well, performing an impromptu “Hot Patootie” with the kids; he’s not just Uncle Jesse anymore.  I’m bummed we didn’t get to see the full performance of “There’s a Light”, but that’s what album sales and downloads are for, guilty as charged!  And I must admit, I got a little teary-eyed as I was watching “Time Warp”; it’s probably the best number of the show, duh!  So congrats to Ryan Murphy and Adam Shankman, the director of this episode, it may have not been perfect, but it hit the spot. 

Sexy Glee Photos in GQ? Quinn Objects! (Sort of)

Well, by now we’ve all see Glee cast members creating a quite a stir with their “sexy photo shoot” for the November GQ.  Not long after the sexy pics, which I say Lea Michele was singled out as the most, tarty, The Parents Television Council, conservatives, fired back saying the shoot “borders on pedophilia”.  Really?!?  Some people just don’t get it and I’m not saying the PTC is entitled to their opinion.  I think it’s quite clear Glee isn’t exactly a family show.  And I mean family show as in Home Improvement or The Cosby Show.  The show tackles many contemporary teen issues: sexuality, teen pregnancy, drug/alcohol abuse, fitting in, etc. 
For GQ capitalize on it’s good-looking stars in a sexy photo shoot set in a high school is genius!  All of the actors involved, Michele, Cory Montieth, and Diane Argon, are in their mid to late 20’s, so the issue of them participating shouldn’t be scrutinized.  That is, until a story just broke that Argon is now expressing regret over the photos; she thinks the photos have caused Gleeks to be “hurt” and “uncomfortable”; here’s a quote:
“perpetuating the type of images that evoke these kind of emotions,” but pointed out that “in the land of Madonna, Britney, Miley, Gossip Girl, other public figures and shows that have pushed the envelope and challenged the levels of comfort in their viewers and fans…we are not the first.”
And she’s right, so why make a fuss?  Glee is a popular show and the more publicity, however scandalous it is, the better.  Positivity and negativity go hand in hand, so Gleeks shouldn’t feel cheated by Rachel, Finn, and Quinn.  I personally love the pictures; a little sexiness never hurts.
Oh and don’t worry, a complete analysis of next week’s Rocky Horror Glee Show is on the agenda!

Sophomore Year Can Be Annoying…

I had an interesting sophomore year in high school.  I got to march in the marching band instead of playing percussion in the pit.  I dated a guy who would turn out to be gay; are you shocked?  I went through the hell of chemistry class.  I guess not a terrible (to add insult to injury, my sophomore year in college, I totally gave up and I nearly got kicked out!).  So the second year of a TV series can be nearly as iffy.  
I don’t want to say it, but Glee is really suffering through a sophomore slump, as evidence by this week’s lackluster duets episode.  I understand, we are only 4 episodes into the new season, the season premiere was eh, then 2 incredible episodes, Brittney/Britney and Grilled Cheesus; then episode 4, we finally see Brittany and Santana make out, the newest Glee clubber Sam come out of his shell, and Kurt is continuing to nurse his Dad back to health/crushing on the new boy.  Noticeably missing from episode 4, Mark Salling/Puck????  Nothing major, he’ll be back in a few weeks; and really if he was gone, would we care?  Glee is easily the new American Idol, theme weeks? hello?!? and the talent far surpasses most of what we saw on Idol last year.  I think the only reason Glee is going to roll on is their demographics: teens, tweens, theater geeks, and wannabe glee clubbers.  The nostalgia of the songs New Directions takes on keeps me around; I just think the something needs to change.  Oh, of course, I’m jazzed about The Rocky Horror Glee Show episode in two weeks; I just hope Ryan Murphy can deliver on the non-theme weeks.  I guess there just hasn’t been a total “wow” moment this season; Kurt’s crisis episode has been the highlight.  It all comes down to what do the viewers want, good acting, good songs, or both?
Balance is everything, I’ll stand by Glee!

They (Project Runway) Keep Pulling Me Back In!…

I know I declared not too long ago I would no longer be blogging about Project Runway and this post is NOT a jumping off point to start a regular recap every week again, hell the finale is just around the corner.  Instead, I’ll explain how I was pulled back in by the fashion reality show monster.  Thursdays, now, are a busy TV night for me and it just so happens, two other shows I watch both start at 8pm Central–The Office and Grey’s Anatomy.  Luckily, this new Project Runway season began a few weeks before the new TV season, so I didn’t feel too guilty or resentful.  I think it’s interesting how the show is now been stretched for the first time to an hour and a half; apparently Models of the Runway couldn’t keep the auidence wanting more; I never watched it.  And really nothing has changed, only now, you see the top and bottom designers bitching in a stew room before finding who is “auf’ed”.  We are also given a smattering of comments from the designers as the runway show is in progress, eh.  Oh, and we see the Project Runway kitchen!!!!  Compelling.
Easily, this season’s villian is 28-year-old Gretchen Jones
Oh, another Feist look-a-like.  I know every season we see someone who has an answer, a comment, or a criticism for his/her fellow designers, but Gretchen has certainly taken the cake and she has not shut up since day one.  Her overwhelming confidence is oddly mixed with a fake happy personality, which is irritating and is sickening to watch.  And yes, she’s won a challenge, but she’s NOT the front-runner like she thought she would be.  In fact, next week, one of her quotes goes along the lines of “I don’t want to be here anymore”, bitch, please!  You’ve annoyed us this long, why stop now????
The front-runner is someone who totally deserves it and his personality is quiet and is very calm:
32-year-old Mondo Guerra is nerdy, yet totally fabulous.  One of his fashion icons? Pee-Wee Herman!!!  He’s the kind of competitor we all root for and I’m hoping he stays calm and he can win.  He’s had his doubts, which all the designers do, not to mention his big confession last week he has been HIV-positive for ten years; it broke my heart.  He has much to gain, as much to as he has to lose, maybe even his life.  It’s pure poetry, but he’s a great designer and he’s made the show fun again for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love Tim Gunn, Heidi, and the judges…well, I still don’t like Nina…
So, thanks Project Runway, I’m back!

Margaret Cho Will Always Be A Dancer!

So it ends…Margaret Cho and her partner Louis Van Amstel have been eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.  Let’s not call foul, even though Bristol Palin was far more ungraceful this week.  This was a big accomplishment for Cho; performing was never a problem in the competition, her will outlasted her abilities.  More importantly, Cho triumphantly returned to the turf of ABC, the network that fired her and canned her hilarious sitcom, All-American Girl sixteen years ago.  So what if her facial expressions annoyed the judges?  That’s who she is, and one should never compromise his or her personality just to please three people who I would personally like to see take on the grueling rehearsals and preparations.  
Cho’s other big accomplishment, trying to draw attention to being yourself.  She looked fabulous in her pride flag dress.  We’ve seen a baffling and disheartening number of gay teen suicides over the past week, and I commend Cho for trying to put forth the issue, even if it was a tiny mention, which I’m sure American scoffed at.  It’s that whole “this isn’t the time or place for that” argument.  Whatever!  Even though I’m not a devoted fan of the show, my money is on Jennifer Grey to take the crown.  That is all.

Okay, I Owe DioGuardi One…

All right, you may recall in a previous blog, I posted a video of Kara DioGuardi singing a song she co-wrote for Pink, “Sober”, at a charity event; at the time, I blasted her, and I think only because Pink just does a much better job; I think it’s definitely now one of her signature songs.  I was also very weary of not only DioGuardi, but the whole idea of American Idol.  I received more comments on the blog than ever before, unfortately, they were all critical of my mocking DioGuardi, and mostly because the performance was at a charity event.  I figure I was in an extremely cynical mood that day and I deserved the comments.
But now, I’m making it up to those who dissed me and I’m making it up to Kara herself.  “Mama’s Song” is Carrie Underwood’s latest single; and it was co-written by DioGuardi and Marti Frederikson, whose songwriting resume is not too shabby.  DioGuardi has already scored a co-writing number one with Underwood, “Undo It”, not to mention, Underwood’s album, Play On, has been nominated for Album of the Year at the Country Music Assoc. awards.  “Mama’s Song” is climbing the charts and I would say DioGuardi may just hit the top again.  I work in country radio and I was curious as to if DioGuardi co-wrote “Mama’s Song”; I went to her website and when you hit the front page, a video of DioGuardi and co-writer Frederikson is posted of the two composers discussing how the song came to be, then they perform it.  And, I like it, here it is: