Okay, I Owe DioGuardi One…

All right, you may recall in a previous blog, I posted a video of Kara DioGuardi singing a song she co-wrote for Pink, “Sober”, at a charity event; at the time, I blasted her, and I think only because Pink just does a much better job; I think it’s definitely now one of her signature songs.  I was also very weary of not only DioGuardi, but the whole idea of American Idol.  I received more comments on the blog than ever before, unfortately, they were all critical of my mocking DioGuardi, and mostly because the performance was at a charity event.  I figure I was in an extremely cynical mood that day and I deserved the comments.
But now, I’m making it up to those who dissed me and I’m making it up to Kara herself.  “Mama’s Song” is Carrie Underwood’s latest single; and it was co-written by DioGuardi and Marti Frederikson, whose songwriting resume is not too shabby.  DioGuardi has already scored a co-writing number one with Underwood, “Undo It”, not to mention, Underwood’s album, Play On, has been nominated for Album of the Year at the Country Music Assoc. awards.  “Mama’s Song” is climbing the charts and I would say DioGuardi may just hit the top again.  I work in country radio and I was curious as to if DioGuardi co-wrote “Mama’s Song”; I went to her website and when you hit the front page, a video of DioGuardi and co-writer Frederikson is posted of the two composers discussing how the song came to be, then they perform it.  And, I like it, here it is:

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