Margaret Cho Will Always Be A Dancer!

So it ends…Margaret Cho and her partner Louis Van Amstel have been eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.  Let’s not call foul, even though Bristol Palin was far more ungraceful this week.  This was a big accomplishment for Cho; performing was never a problem in the competition, her will outlasted her abilities.  More importantly, Cho triumphantly returned to the turf of ABC, the network that fired her and canned her hilarious sitcom, All-American Girl sixteen years ago.  So what if her facial expressions annoyed the judges?  That’s who she is, and one should never compromise his or her personality just to please three people who I would personally like to see take on the grueling rehearsals and preparations.  
Cho’s other big accomplishment, trying to draw attention to being yourself.  She looked fabulous in her pride flag dress.  We’ve seen a baffling and disheartening number of gay teen suicides over the past week, and I commend Cho for trying to put forth the issue, even if it was a tiny mention, which I’m sure American scoffed at.  It’s that whole “this isn’t the time or place for that” argument.  Whatever!  Even though I’m not a devoted fan of the show, my money is on Jennifer Grey to take the crown.  That is all.


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