They (Project Runway) Keep Pulling Me Back In!…

I know I declared not too long ago I would no longer be blogging about Project Runway and this post is NOT a jumping off point to start a regular recap every week again, hell the finale is just around the corner.  Instead, I’ll explain how I was pulled back in by the fashion reality show monster.  Thursdays, now, are a busy TV night for me and it just so happens, two other shows I watch both start at 8pm Central–The Office and Grey’s Anatomy.  Luckily, this new Project Runway season began a few weeks before the new TV season, so I didn’t feel too guilty or resentful.  I think it’s interesting how the show is now been stretched for the first time to an hour and a half; apparently Models of the Runway couldn’t keep the auidence wanting more; I never watched it.  And really nothing has changed, only now, you see the top and bottom designers bitching in a stew room before finding who is “auf’ed”.  We are also given a smattering of comments from the designers as the runway show is in progress, eh.  Oh, and we see the Project Runway kitchen!!!!  Compelling.
Easily, this season’s villian is 28-year-old Gretchen Jones
Oh, another Feist look-a-like.  I know every season we see someone who has an answer, a comment, or a criticism for his/her fellow designers, but Gretchen has certainly taken the cake and she has not shut up since day one.  Her overwhelming confidence is oddly mixed with a fake happy personality, which is irritating and is sickening to watch.  And yes, she’s won a challenge, but she’s NOT the front-runner like she thought she would be.  In fact, next week, one of her quotes goes along the lines of “I don’t want to be here anymore”, bitch, please!  You’ve annoyed us this long, why stop now????
The front-runner is someone who totally deserves it and his personality is quiet and is very calm:
32-year-old Mondo Guerra is nerdy, yet totally fabulous.  One of his fashion icons? Pee-Wee Herman!!!  He’s the kind of competitor we all root for and I’m hoping he stays calm and he can win.  He’s had his doubts, which all the designers do, not to mention his big confession last week he has been HIV-positive for ten years; it broke my heart.  He has much to gain, as much to as he has to lose, maybe even his life.  It’s pure poetry, but he’s a great designer and he’s made the show fun again for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love Tim Gunn, Heidi, and the judges…well, I still don’t like Nina…
So, thanks Project Runway, I’m back!

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