Sophomore Year Can Be Annoying…

I had an interesting sophomore year in high school.  I got to march in the marching band instead of playing percussion in the pit.  I dated a guy who would turn out to be gay; are you shocked?  I went through the hell of chemistry class.  I guess not a terrible (to add insult to injury, my sophomore year in college, I totally gave up and I nearly got kicked out!).  So the second year of a TV series can be nearly as iffy.  
I don’t want to say it, but Glee is really suffering through a sophomore slump, as evidence by this week’s lackluster duets episode.  I understand, we are only 4 episodes into the new season, the season premiere was eh, then 2 incredible episodes, Brittney/Britney and Grilled Cheesus; then episode 4, we finally see Brittany and Santana make out, the newest Glee clubber Sam come out of his shell, and Kurt is continuing to nurse his Dad back to health/crushing on the new boy.  Noticeably missing from episode 4, Mark Salling/Puck????  Nothing major, he’ll be back in a few weeks; and really if he was gone, would we care?  Glee is easily the new American Idol, theme weeks? hello?!? and the talent far surpasses most of what we saw on Idol last year.  I think the only reason Glee is going to roll on is their demographics: teens, tweens, theater geeks, and wannabe glee clubbers.  The nostalgia of the songs New Directions takes on keeps me around; I just think the something needs to change.  Oh, of course, I’m jazzed about The Rocky Horror Glee Show episode in two weeks; I just hope Ryan Murphy can deliver on the non-theme weeks.  I guess there just hasn’t been a total “wow” moment this season; Kurt’s crisis episode has been the highlight.  It all comes down to what do the viewers want, good acting, good songs, or both?
Balance is everything, I’ll stand by Glee!

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