Don’t Dream It, Glee It!

I really liked The Rocky Horror Glee Show!  Sure, there were some questionable lyric changes and such, but it was solid episode.  Glee has really topped itself so far this season; only 5 episodes have aired, and it won’t slow down.  I think it’s interesting Sue Sylvester went the political, culture warrior route in bashing New Directions this week.  In reality, a high school putting on Rocky Horror as a musical, probably wouldn’t fly, and in the end, it didn’t fly at McKinley High. 
The episode was about Will’s attempt to win Emma back; she and her new beau, Carl, played by John Stamos, are avid Rocky Horror fans.  So Will thought he could win her back if the Glee club staged the show.  As the episode was taking shape, there were rumors of some original Rocky movie cast members would be guest starring.  Barry Bostwick (Brad) and Meat Loaf (Eddie) made the scene as TV station managers who want Sue to do an expose’, as part of her “Sue’s Corner” commentary, to expose how wrong it is for a school to stage Rocky Horror; and Sue naturally goes along with it.  She wants the show to go on, despite casting difficulties, and the now infamous risque subject matter.  And that’s where many Rocky Horror fans, like myself, find fault. 
You would think a show as popular as Glee could get away with the racy lyrics, but they did not.  The biggest change many fans are crying foul about is, one, Mercedes decides to take on the role of Frank N Furter after Mike Chang’s parents object to the script and two, the “transsexual” line in “Sweet Transvestite” is changed to “sensational”.  However, Mercedes playing Frank N Furter is a revelation and she says she learns how to “Dont dream it, be it”.  It’s somewhat justified.  The other number that met lyric changes is “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me”; Emma helps Will, after Will decides he should play Rocky instead of Sam.  It all goes back to “these kids shouldn’t have to deal with the adult implications” theory, which is silly.  What is refreshing is that the show is continuing to push, albeit a subtle push, that Brittany and Santana are a couple.  They hide and watch Emma and Will, taking on the Magenta and Coumbia commentary of the song. 
The other numbers are pretty good; the opening of the episode has the infamous lips singing “Science Fiction Double Feature” complete with the pause, the title, and the cast listing.  I applaud Finn/Cory Montieth’s Brad; he got the dorkiness and the awkwardness down to a tee.  He doesn’t want to strip down as the show calls for.  John Stamos shined as well, performing an impromptu “Hot Patootie” with the kids; he’s not just Uncle Jesse anymore.  I’m bummed we didn’t get to see the full performance of “There’s a Light”, but that’s what album sales and downloads are for, guilty as charged!  And I must admit, I got a little teary-eyed as I was watching “Time Warp”; it’s probably the best number of the show, duh!  So congrats to Ryan Murphy and Adam Shankman, the director of this episode, it may have not been perfect, but it hit the spot. 


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