Project Runway Finale or Gretchen’s Revenge…

Halloween came early Thursday night.  Gretchen “I’m not a bitch but I play one on TV” Jones was crowned season 8 Project Runway winner.  My Mom called it; I was still holding out hope for Mondo Guerra to overcome his costume-like collection and he would take it.  Nope!  Even Andy South’s collection, which was extremely cohesive, was automatically denounced by Nina and Michael.  I’m not very happy with them right now.  I’m glad Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson stood up for Mondo.  After all, it’s Heidi’s show, right?  I usually like my winners of reality competitions to be a little more likable, and Gretchen NEVER was.  This is not like Russell losing Survivor, twice!  This is like an evil succubus who stopped at nothing to put down every single designer and then in the end, she came out on top. 
I’m sorry, but Gretchen’s collection, which showed first, was boring as all get out.  Gretchen tended to use the same drab colors all season long and with Fashion Week, she didn’t change her tune.  I call her collection, “Carmen San Diego Goes on Safari and She Hopes She’s Never Found!”  I mean, really?!?  The panel argued endlessly on whether Gretchen’s line was fashion foward enough.  I say NOT, because it wasn’t high fashion and it had zero imagination.  Her only leg to stand on was, her clothes were wearable, that’s it period.  Mondo’s was not totally wearable, but it’s what I expect to see at Fashion Week, it was imaginative, creative, and very daring.  I think you’ll see both Mondo and Andy show at Fashion Week next time and maybe beyond. 
So, am I done with Project Runway?  I’m not sure.  I just want someone with a better personality to win, that’s all.


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