Gemini’s Twin…Never Forget…

Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow has been EVERYWHERE lately!  Last night’s GLEE was superb, and I bet we see her again, since Mr. Schu asked her to substitute if he ever gets sick again…hooray!  She made her country music debut last Wednesday in Nashville at the CMA awards; it was truly one of the better performances of the night and she got a standing ovation…duh!  I really want to see Country Strong; it has the look and the attitude of a little movie you might remember, The Thing Called Love…
Anyway, whenever Paltrow graces the stage at SNL, she shines like no one else.  Hell, she may be the best guest host of the last 25 years, well, except Betty White.  One of Paltrow’s best moments on SNL was her stint in Gemini’s Twin…many third members came and went, but Chanterelle schooled them all…watch and never forget:

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