If You Happen to Google Kim…

The stories you’ll see are that Ms. Zolciak is in fact pregnant!  A fact she denied on Watch What Happens Live! last night on Bravo; well I don’t know if the clip made the broadcast, but you can find it in the bonus clips. Zolciak has been dating Atlanta Falcons’ star Kroy Biermann since May.  You saw them meet in the infamous, “Sheree dances” episode just last week.  I missed my favorite Housewives last night, due to way too many shows I keep up with: the American Music Awards–NKOTBSB!, Boardwalk Empire–dirty and naughty last night!, and The Walking Dead–what happened to the dude who sawed his hand off???  So I also missed the after show.  I’ll get to my DVR as soon as I can.  Oh and how can I forget, Adam Lambert’s E! True Hollywood Story debuted last night as well; I did watch it before I went to bed.  Um, I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know.  The only new information I got was the Parents Televsion Council’s complaint about Glambert’s racy performance at the American Music Awards LAST year is still in the process of being heard by the FCC–really?  And his simple battery case against a papparazo a few months ago in Miami is still pending.  The show as a whole was okay; and yes, the AMAs were controversy-free this time around; oh how could you ABC? 
Okay, well here’s Kim performing her new hit single (?) “Google Me” on Watch What Happens Live:

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