Glee (And/Or Gay) Until Graduation…

Yep, here’s another Glee post, but this one is quite serious.  Creator/Writer/Director Ryan Murphy has put out the word that when his current New Directions members graduate at the end of the 2012 season, they’re outta there!  The one new member who is rumored to remain is Sam (Chord Overstreet), since he just joined up.  No, it won’t affect Sue Sylvester’s perpetual “get rid of the Glee club” agenda, but it will affect viewership.  It’s just a general rule of thumb that if you start a series with a core cast, you end it with them, no matter how old they are in real life, which many cast members are in their 20’s.  Then again, it might be a good idea to bring in new blood.  I just fear Glee will meet with what is going to happen to American Idol, sure, you can bring in new people/judges, but it’s not going to fully recover your ratings.  Murphy should take a lesson since his series, in my opinion, has replaced Idol in the Fox food chain.  I mean The Simpsons kids have all remained the same age for over 20 years and they are still going strong; which yes, it’s animated, I get it.  However, there are problems with Murphy’s dream scenario.  Will another Lea Michele come along, no less, a newly-named Billboard triple-threat Lea Michele will come along?  Absolutely not!  Where will we be without Brittany and Santana?  I guess new Cheerios will rule the school.  Kurt has moved on to Dalton Academy, but where will we go from there, add another gay kid who gets bullied???  It’s all really silly, but I do see a hint of sense in Murphy’s logic.  Maybe Murphy senses his show has met some harsh criticisms this season and he’s preparing with a back-up plan, who knows.  I just hope nothing happens to Jane Lynch in the next two years, no Sue, no Glee!  Am I wrong?

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