Out for the Holidays…

It’s happened; in case you didn’t know, the Indigo Girls have put out their very first Christmas album, Holly Happy Days.  And just this morning, the ladies performed a song from the album written by Chely Wright, “(It Really Is) A Wonderful Life”, and wouldn’t you know, Wright, who is a part-time resident of NYC, stopped by the CBS Early Show to perform with the duo:
I really love the song, but I have two issues with this performance.  One, Emily Sailers, God bless her, is looking ROUGH!  However, she’s awesome as is Amy Ray.  My second issue?  Chely Wright was very nervous, and I bet she’s really hasn’t done a performance like this on TV in over 10 years and not since her coming out party earlier this year.  She’s been such a fan of the ladies for such a long time, she just couldn’t help her nerves, but she’s honored of course they included her delightful tune on their new album.  It’s great to see her out there, so to speak, again.  Season’s Greetings!

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