Okay, I, no more no less, am ready to hear GaGa’s new masterpiece “Born This Way” (it drops February 13th, if you haven’t RSPV’ed yet GaGa’s official site) and I want to HEAR it rather than read the lyrics.  However, I have to give GaGa props for promoting her single this way; scattering lyrics to different media sources, then today, the whole song was mapped out, complete with producer/songwriter info.  And it’s no mystery the song is being lauded as the next big “gay anthem”, yep, the lyrics totally spell it out.  I will respect those media outlets who are printing the lyrics, but with one exception, the main refrain is “Don’t be a drag, be a queen!”  Oh yeah!  I just think the better marketing would have been to release fragments of the song, plus the lyrics; it would drive the little monsters nuts!  That is all.

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