Can I Get an Amen Up in Here?

I was scanning the internets tonight, when one of the main stories on Yahoo! had a story about Whitney Houston singing at the BET “Celebration of Gospel” ceremony which aired Sunday night (it was filmed last month) and she sang well??????  I know, over the past year, Houston has not sounded anywhere NEAR well.  However, the following clip proves maybe there’s still a tiny bit of vocal magic left. Look for Whitney at the 2:05 mark.  Houston is performing with Gospel diva Kim Burrell on a song that Houston recorded for her last album, R. Kelly’s “I Look To You”.
Okay, she’s still not hitting all the notes, but a little falsetto????  What’s up with that?  Could Gospel be Houston’s next calling?  I’m amazed considering she hardly had a voice on her numerous TV appearances last summer.  Good show!
BET’s “Celebration of Gospel” re-airs this Thursday night (2/3) at 7pm central.

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