You Call That Dancing?

Dancing seems to be on my brain tonight, as represented in two videos that premiered this week.  First, the much-anticipated return of Britney Spears with the elaborate video for the first single from soon-to-be-released album, Femme Fatale, “Hold It Against Me”.  I like Britney; thanks to GLEE, she’s stayed in my consciousness and she never seems to let go.  I think a more important question is, why do we still care about her?  She’s had her rise to the top, her bat-shit crazy moments, her weaves, her kids, her K-Fed, and so on and so on.  And yes, she still makes great dance music, but can she herself still dance?  It’s very murky in this production as there is a bunch of quick shots, more like a series of elaborate photographs than a normal, linear video.  I’ve said from the beginning, I’m not a fan of the song, but this video, it’s okay:
The second clip is one I was just made aware of tonight.  Radiohead has a new digital album out right this minute; it was originally scheduled to hit the web tomorrow/Saturday, but the buzz or leaked tracks or this video may have pushed it up.  The King of Limbs is the band’s eighth album and their first since 2007’s other digital album, In Rainbows.  The first single and video is for “Lotus Flower” and all it consists of is front man Thom Yorke dancing around and/or spazzing out.  Another writer compared it to Elaine’s bad dancing from Seinfeld which George referred to as “a full-body dry heave to music” and that’s sort of what Yorke is doing.  It channels a little bit of Ed Grimley and Joe Cocker also.  I think the choice of black and white is genius: 

So? Which is better? Happy Weekend!

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