No, It’s Not GaGa, But It’s Good….

Yes, the cries of someone, namely Katy Perry, ripping off Lady GaGa are loud and clear, but please, the “E.T.” video is NOT a rip-off.  Sure, it may have the same themes of alien life and outer space, but in a way, Perry’s is more straightforward.  Oh, and don’t forget Kanye West is there, and you see a naked guy ass at the end, well, in the clip from MTV, the ass crack is blurred.  The song is really good, in fact, it’s Perry’s fifth number 1 single.  And who was de-throned?  Lady GaGa.  “Born This Way” spent six weeks at the top.  I still take GaGa over Perry anyday, but Katy keeps it interesting to say the least.  (FYI, good luck trying to stream this  on YouTube, something funky is going with VEVO).  Check it out!

It’s Britney B–Oh Nevermind.

(courtesy Flickr user Danielle Heffron)
Today’s the day Britney’s latest creation, Femme Fatale hits stores.  I streamed it last week and I was impressed.  It’s probably her best album to date.  I have to say I wasn’t crazy about “Hold It Against Me” and I’m still not loving it.  My new favorite track is “‘Til The World Ends” which was written by pop trash diva, Ke$ha.  Other big names contributing to Femme Fatale include Ke$ha cohort Dr. Luke, Max Martin (Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson), on the track, “Big Fat Bass”, and Claude Kelly, who contributed the track “Circus” to Spears’ last album.  While the reviews are still rolling in, Spears has already suffered one set back concerning her new tour.  It was reported just yesterday that Enrique Iglesias would be the supporting act on Britney’s new tour.  Today? Iglesias has backed out.  And I’m sorry, but I’m sure a bigger act can be added to this tour.  Spears announced the tour in a taped segment for today’s Good Morning America.  At this point it’s unclear whether Iglesias agreed to a tour or not.  Spears’ tour begins in Sacramento CA on June 17th and will hit 26 cities, ending in Toronto on August 13th.  
Here’s Spears performing “Til The World Ends” on GMA:

My Definition Of A Movie Star….

We all knew the end was near.  Elizabeth Taylor had numerous health problems over the last almost ten years; broken bones, a benign brain tumor, pneumonia, and the congestive heart failure that ultimately took her life this morning in Los Angeles.  She was wheelchair-bound when we saw in public, a far cry from the radiant movie star who grew up in the business, won 2 Oscars, married eight times–twice to Richard Burton, was an early voice and advocate for the fight against AIDS, and she was famous for being a close friend to the late Michael Jackson.  
Taylor was one of those movie stars who truly defined glamor, grace, and sensibility.  And she could act!  When I think of Taylor, I think of two projects: the film adaptation of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and the world’s introduction to Helena Cassadine on General Hospital.  They are both different, but the same.  Taylor’s Oscar-winning portrayal of Martha, an alcoholic wife with a assistant professor husband, played by Richard Burton of course, is cruel to the core when she drinks, tearing down her husband at every chance.  George (Burton) has an answer for every jibe, yet he’s pushed to finally physically harm Martha.  There are way too many scenes to choose from, but I like this one:
 Truly a thrill to watch, I highly recommend it.  On the other hand, if there was to be a spoiler for the wedding of the century, Luke and Laura’s, Helena certainly tried.  I’m still mad Taylor wasn’t able to reprise the role when Helena came back to Port Charles in the 90’s; she was over the top and her portrayal could NOT be beat:
I guess it’s kind of silly to pick just those two roles, okay, I’ve never seen all of Cleopatra, but I know I’ll get around to it….R.I.P. Liz.

Sister Wives? Never!

My title refers to the TLC reality series that will NEVER live up to its fictional predecessor, Big Love.  So, it’s over, five seasons in the books; and I was very leery of how the series would end.  By the way, there was at least one huge loose end that was never addressed, what the hell happened to Bill’s brother Joey, his wife Wanda, and their baby????  This end was so loose, their names were never even mentioned in this final season.  Oh well.  I knew by the end, someone had to die and I won’t say who although it’s all over the internet.  Actually, two people died, maybe three.  It would have been interesting if one of the sister wives had perished, but, and this is spoilery, they did not.  The series could have gone on, but not without a big, major character.  I’ll miss Chloe Sevigny as Nicki, Oh God, I’ll miss her so much!  A little future Chloe news; the Golden Globe-winning actress is said to be returning to HBO next year starring as Lizzie Borden (YES!) in a mini-series. 
I was skeptical, but now, I’ll really miss this show.

My Two Cents: Rebecca Black’s "Friday"

Oh why the hell not?  I’ve been wrapped up in this dumbfounding phenomenon since yesterday, so I might as well throw in.  I will spare you the torture of posting the video–which is what I’m pretty sure they show in-flight to Libya.  It has a “Take on Me” meets Tom Goes to the Mayor (FYI, on Adult Swim weeknights at 12:15pm-Central) meets Justin Bieber meets LFO…oh, I could go on and on.  Rebecca Black is a product of this the Ark Music Factory, which is based out of LA and as you scan the site, it looks like a breeding ground for post-child beauty pageant contestants and for artists who want to fast-track it past American Idol. The main argument being made by 90 percent of America is this is the worst song and possibly the worst music video ever made.  I agree 100 percent!  But if it’s a song pre-teen Team Edward gals want to jam to, there’s nothing wrong with that.  I personally think this record company is playing a mega-million dollar joke on the music industry; okay, Lonely Island and/or Ashton Kutcher, you can come out from behind the curtain.  I’m sure Ark Music Factory didn’t expect “Friday” to get 3 million hits on YouTube; you’re welcome.  I just don’t know how Simon Cowell hasn’t swooped her up; oh yeah, April Fools is not quite here yet….

The PTC Strikes Again: Glee Goes Too Sexy, Again

Last night may have been one of the best Glee episodes ever.  Gwyneth Paltrow is a non-stop singing and acting machine; she can adapt to any role/genre, in fact when is the last time we saw here in a drama????  She’s brilliant, Emmy anyone?
Many storylines were brought into the “Sexy” episode.  Holly Holiday (Paltrow) subs for the sex ed teacher and she determines the New Directions kids are a little behind the curve when it comes to the birds and the bees.  It’s funny how Brittany (Heather Morris) thinks babies really do come from the stork.  Or why does Ms. Holiday use a cucumber when it comes to learning proper condom application.   You read an earlier blog about when some of the Glee stars engaged in a sexy photo shoot for GQ Sexy Glee Photos, Quinn Objects?  This time, the PTC has objected to the way the sex ed teacher brings the students into the conversation. “Real-world teachers don’t lap dance with their students.” says PTC director of public policy, Dan IsettAnd Isett said there was also a problem with Paltrow’s Holiday discussing the downside of making a sex tape with Puck (Mark Sailing) and Lauren (Ashley Fink).  Lauren apparently thinks a sex tape will help her get a record contract.  ????  The PTC was also upset at how the show makes fun of McKinley High’s celibacy club; the “Afternoon Delight” number was hilarious.  It amazes me sometimes how these people forget, it’s just a TV show.  
What is surprising is the PTC somehow overlooked the gay themes.  Kurt (Chris Colfer) trying to come to terms with sex with a little awkward help from his father (Mike O’Malley)  and Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany opening up a conversation about their true feelings for each other.   If the PTC could just see the value of the emotional moments these kids have instead of the visual, shock-factor elements, they would understand. 

Can’t Hold Her Down

I guess to say 2011 for Christina Aguilera has not been smooth so far is a giant understatement.  Although now, if I think about it, 2010 wasn’t too good either.  Let’s review; her Bionic album failed so miserably, a tour to support it was completely scrapped, then, she got separated and eventually divorced from her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, oh and a little movie called Burlesque came out in November (it’s on DVD now!) and Aguilera’s acting  was critically skewered–though I must say Cher made a mini-comeback and the movie won songwriter Diane Warren a Golden Globe for Cher’s ballad, “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”.   Unfortunately, Warren did not receive an Oscar nomination, and there’s old Randy Newman up there winning again.  Okay, back to Xtina. I guess that little National Anthem at the Super Bowl debacle is!  Just a week later, Aguilera appeared on-stage at the Grammys for an Aretha Franklin tribute and wouldn’t you know, she tripped right as the performance ended.
Just yesterday, Xtina and her current boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, were arrested on suspicion of DUI and public intoxication.  My first thought?  She’s ever so slowly turning into another tragic pop star a la Courtney Love.  No formal charges have been filed and Aguilera made bail.  At this point, her ex-husband could seek full custody of the couple’s 2-year-old son Max.  Yeah, it was all going down hill pretty fast until the announcement today, Xtina would be joining the NBC reality singing competition, The Voice, as a vocal coach and judge along with Cee-Lo Green and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine; Carson Daly will be hosting when the show debuts next month. 
Aguilera is a powerful singer and I’m sure she’s just a tad bit side-tracked, but can she regain her glory and more importantly, her credibility?  It remains to be seen, I just hope she can make The Voice work.

Just Sink Your Teeth In…

I keep believing Lady GaGa will only get bigger and bigger with each video.  Some are already saying the first video for “Born This Way” is underwhelming, oh hell no!  Anything but.  As with the majority of GaGa’s clips, this is more of a mini-movie and this mini-movie has to be the most intriguing yet.  GaGa keeps saying everything tied to the new album is a “birth”, and we get to experience it two very different, yet similar births.  The birth of good:
 And it’s complete with lots of fluid, as a real birth is.  I love the sci-fi narrative GaGa herself tells and she’s accompanied by Bernard Hermann’s theme from Vertigo….very dramatic, and I totally got a Metropolis vibe.  However, there is a flip-side to the good, the evil. And evil’s birth is just the same only she pulls out a machine gun instead of a um, head????  (Unfortunately, there were only a limited number of stills, and I don’t have the Evil GaGa)  After about 2 and half minutes of back story–The Manifesto of Mother Monster, Gaga then circulates among her disciples as the actual track starts:
 GaGa, though still thin, has definitely tone up, and yes, those pointy, alien-like shoulders will be around for a while.  I would love to see how much work that takes everyday.  The choreography is exactly like it was on the Grammys, only we never see the rubber robes and dresses a la full body condoms.  The second chorus introduces this look/scenario:
 It’s playing on the whole “good vs. evil” theme.  Mostly, the video is strange, dark, and tongue in cheek.  I was waiting for a Madonna homage moment, and at the very end, I got it!  GaGa is shown with a gap in her front teeth, sound like any pop icon you know?  Take a look again and many more times at this strange trip: