Just Sink Your Teeth In…

I keep believing Lady GaGa will only get bigger and bigger with each video.  Some are already saying the first video for “Born This Way” is underwhelming, oh hell no!  Anything but.  As with the majority of GaGa’s clips, this is more of a mini-movie and this mini-movie has to be the most intriguing yet.  GaGa keeps saying everything tied to the new album is a “birth”, and we get to experience it two very different, yet similar births.  The birth of good:
 And it’s complete with lots of fluid, as a real birth is.  I love the sci-fi narrative GaGa herself tells and she’s accompanied by Bernard Hermann’s theme from Vertigo….very dramatic, and I totally got a Metropolis vibe.  However, there is a flip-side to the good, the evil. And evil’s birth is just the same only she pulls out a machine gun instead of a um, head????  (Unfortunately, there were only a limited number of stills, and I don’t have the Evil GaGa)  After about 2 and half minutes of back story–The Manifesto of Mother Monster, Gaga then circulates among her disciples as the actual track starts:
 GaGa, though still thin, has definitely tone up, and yes, those pointy, alien-like shoulders will be around for a while.  I would love to see how much work that takes everyday.  The choreography is exactly like it was on the Grammys, only we never see the rubber robes and dresses a la full body condoms.  The second chorus introduces this look/scenario:
 It’s playing on the whole “good vs. evil” theme.  Mostly, the video is strange, dark, and tongue in cheek.  I was waiting for a Madonna homage moment, and at the very end, I got it!  GaGa is shown with a gap in her front teeth, sound like any pop icon you know?  Take a look again and many more times at this strange trip:


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