The PTC Strikes Again: Glee Goes Too Sexy, Again

Last night may have been one of the best Glee episodes ever.  Gwyneth Paltrow is a non-stop singing and acting machine; she can adapt to any role/genre, in fact when is the last time we saw here in a drama????  She’s brilliant, Emmy anyone?
Many storylines were brought into the “Sexy” episode.  Holly Holiday (Paltrow) subs for the sex ed teacher and she determines the New Directions kids are a little behind the curve when it comes to the birds and the bees.  It’s funny how Brittany (Heather Morris) thinks babies really do come from the stork.  Or why does Ms. Holiday use a cucumber when it comes to learning proper condom application.   You read an earlier blog about when some of the Glee stars engaged in a sexy photo shoot for GQ Sexy Glee Photos, Quinn Objects?  This time, the PTC has objected to the way the sex ed teacher brings the students into the conversation. “Real-world teachers don’t lap dance with their students.” says PTC director of public policy, Dan IsettAnd Isett said there was also a problem with Paltrow’s Holiday discussing the downside of making a sex tape with Puck (Mark Sailing) and Lauren (Ashley Fink).  Lauren apparently thinks a sex tape will help her get a record contract.  ????  The PTC was also upset at how the show makes fun of McKinley High’s celibacy club; the “Afternoon Delight” number was hilarious.  It amazes me sometimes how these people forget, it’s just a TV show.  
What is surprising is the PTC somehow overlooked the gay themes.  Kurt (Chris Colfer) trying to come to terms with sex with a little awkward help from his father (Mike O’Malley)  and Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany opening up a conversation about their true feelings for each other.   If the PTC could just see the value of the emotional moments these kids have instead of the visual, shock-factor elements, they would understand. 

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