My Two Cents: Rebecca Black’s "Friday"

Oh why the hell not?  I’ve been wrapped up in this dumbfounding phenomenon since yesterday, so I might as well throw in.  I will spare you the torture of posting the video–which is what I’m pretty sure they show in-flight to Libya.  It has a “Take on Me” meets Tom Goes to the Mayor (FYI, on Adult Swim weeknights at 12:15pm-Central) meets Justin Bieber meets LFO…oh, I could go on and on.  Rebecca Black is a product of this the Ark Music Factory, which is based out of LA and as you scan the site, it looks like a breeding ground for post-child beauty pageant contestants and for artists who want to fast-track it past American Idol. The main argument being made by 90 percent of America is this is the worst song and possibly the worst music video ever made.  I agree 100 percent!  But if it’s a song pre-teen Team Edward gals want to jam to, there’s nothing wrong with that.  I personally think this record company is playing a mega-million dollar joke on the music industry; okay, Lonely Island and/or Ashton Kutcher, you can come out from behind the curtain.  I’m sure Ark Music Factory didn’t expect “Friday” to get 3 million hits on YouTube; you’re welcome.  I just don’t know how Simon Cowell hasn’t swooped her up; oh yeah, April Fools is not quite here yet….

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