Sister Wives? Never!

My title refers to the TLC reality series that will NEVER live up to its fictional predecessor, Big Love.  So, it’s over, five seasons in the books; and I was very leery of how the series would end.  By the way, there was at least one huge loose end that was never addressed, what the hell happened to Bill’s brother Joey, his wife Wanda, and their baby????  This end was so loose, their names were never even mentioned in this final season.  Oh well.  I knew by the end, someone had to die and I won’t say who although it’s all over the internet.  Actually, two people died, maybe three.  It would have been interesting if one of the sister wives had perished, but, and this is spoilery, they did not.  The series could have gone on, but not without a big, major character.  I’ll miss Chloe Sevigny as Nicki, Oh God, I’ll miss her so much!  A little future Chloe news; the Golden Globe-winning actress is said to be returning to HBO next year starring as Lizzie Borden (YES!) in a mini-series. 
I was skeptical, but now, I’ll really miss this show.

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