It’s Britney B–Oh Nevermind.

(courtesy Flickr user Danielle Heffron)
Today’s the day Britney’s latest creation, Femme Fatale hits stores.  I streamed it last week and I was impressed.  It’s probably her best album to date.  I have to say I wasn’t crazy about “Hold It Against Me” and I’m still not loving it.  My new favorite track is “‘Til The World Ends” which was written by pop trash diva, Ke$ha.  Other big names contributing to Femme Fatale include Ke$ha cohort Dr. Luke, Max Martin (Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson), on the track, “Big Fat Bass”, and Claude Kelly, who contributed the track “Circus” to Spears’ last album.  While the reviews are still rolling in, Spears has already suffered one set back concerning her new tour.  It was reported just yesterday that Enrique Iglesias would be the supporting act on Britney’s new tour.  Today? Iglesias has backed out.  And I’m sorry, but I’m sure a bigger act can be added to this tour.  Spears announced the tour in a taped segment for today’s Good Morning America.  At this point it’s unclear whether Iglesias agreed to a tour or not.  Spears’ tour begins in Sacramento CA on June 17th and will hit 26 cities, ending in Toronto on August 13th.  
Here’s Spears performing “Til The World Ends” on GMA:

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