No, It’s Not GaGa, But It’s Good….

Yes, the cries of someone, namely Katy Perry, ripping off Lady GaGa are loud and clear, but please, the “E.T.” video is NOT a rip-off.  Sure, it may have the same themes of alien life and outer space, but in a way, Perry’s is more straightforward.  Oh, and don’t forget Kanye West is there, and you see a naked guy ass at the end, well, in the clip from MTV, the ass crack is blurred.  The song is really good, in fact, it’s Perry’s fifth number 1 single.  And who was de-throned?  Lady GaGa.  “Born This Way” spent six weeks at the top.  I still take GaGa over Perry anyday, but Katy keeps it interesting to say the least.  (FYI, good luck trying to stream this  on YouTube, something funky is going with VEVO).  Check it out!

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