I Love Elton John, But…

What’s not to love about Captain Fantasic?  I guess you could say this was his week; it was “Elton John” week on American Idol, although he did not appear on the results show, and he had the dubious distinction of being both host and musical guest on SNL.  It’s no secret, I have NOT been happy with SNL, especially this season.  Season 36 has been extremely lackluster in the funny department with only a few highlights and I attribute all of those to Nicki Minaj’s appearance; who was even the host that week? (Jesse Eisenberg).  Now if a non-actor, like John, is a host, naturally the writers should try and take advantage and maybe they should try and not make too many gags/jokes that only focus on the host.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I would say 70 percent of last night’s skits were all about playing on John’s sexualtiy, which really SNL?  We all know Elton is gay!  And sure, if John was all about it, that’s great, but to a regular viewer, it’s a little insulting.  But even more insulting, a cavalcade of who’s who in Hollywood were there to join in the fun.  Tom Hanks appeared in 2 skits, and in the abysmal “Laser Cats” digital short.  New Knicks acquistion, Carmelo Anthony appeared twice-WHY?  Then out of nowhere, Jake Gyllenhaal popped up during Weekend Update.  I joked on Twitter, I fully expected John Goodman and/or Sarah Palin to pop up.  And one ex-castmember, Will Forte, also appeared, reprising his role as dim-witted ESPN Classic commentator, Greg Stink.  If Elton was all about not caring and having a good time, mission accomplished; and his musical performances with Leon Russell of course were great.  I think I’m more excited about the musical guests this season than anything else.  FYI-next week-another Brit, Helen Mirren is hosting, musical guest-Foo Fighters!!!  Yeah, when I saw cowboy Elton John ride in on a unicorn, I gave up! I blame this man:
Lorne Michaels, you’ve had a great run, but you may want to consider either stepping down or you may want to get rid of your entire writing staff…sorry Seth Myers…even Weekend Update is not funny anymore, unless Aunt Linda’s there…Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

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