Rebecca Black’s Doppleganger?

If you think I’m going to put you through the torture of listening to and watching “Friday”, you are wrong!  Instead, I want to introduce to whom I’m pretty sure is Rebecca Black’s doppleganger, 16-year-old Raquel Castro.
 Castro is currently competing on NBC’s The Voice and I don’t remember her from the blind auditions, but I swear, when I saw her on this week’s battle rounds, I couldn’t believe how much she resembles Black.  And I also didn’t know Castro played Jennifer Lopez’s daughter in the 2004 stinkeroo Jersey Girl.  She is now 16 and I won’t spoil the results for you, but she will continue on The Voice as part of Christina Aguilera’s team.  Wait, I just spoiled, excuse me.  For the life of me, I can’t remember how to display images side by side, but here’s Black.
 It’s frightening!  However, when you see Castro, you’ll notice she is very tiny which leads me to believe she could also pass for:
 Yes, Olympic gymnastic gold-medalist, Dominique Moceanu.  So weird!  Here’s Castro winning round versus Julia Eason and I hate to say it, but this battle was underwhelming, but Castro definitely had the edge…she’s so damn short!

The GaGa-iest SNL Ever!

Thank God the Rapture didn’t happen or we would’ve missed the season finale of SNL and it was a doozy!  Sure, host Justin Timberlake has 2 movies to plug–Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits–but Lady GaGa has the most anticipated album of the last decade to promote!  Duh!  And although I’m still very leery of the SNL writers and producer Lorne Michaels, they were wise to give GaGa the floor in 2 sketches, the digital short, and 2 off-the-wall musical performances.  I’ve said the Nicki Minaj takeover of Jesse Eisenberg’s episode was my favorite of the season, I take it back!  Let’s review in order, shall we?
First up, Timberlake reprised  his “take it on down to (insert service)-ville!” sketch, this time promoting a liquor store in favor of Kristen Wiig’s “teabagging” place and then who shows up? (unfortunately, the clip has not been posted to Hulu) moving on. 
The Digital Short up next…Andy Samberg and Timberlake reprise their “Dick in a Box” and “Motherlover” characters for “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”…more GAGA!
Oh, and I almost forgot, in the first commercial break, a new Google Chrome spot premiered, starring GaGa and her scores of Little Monsters–very cool!
Up next, first musical performance…a little “Edge of Glory” with GaGa playing a lego-like 3D piano, then breaking into “Judas”…sweet!
I thought we probably wouldn’t see GaGa anymore until her last performance, WRONG!…she challenged JT in a celebrity edition of “What’s That Name?”
Hilarious!…and finally, GaGa brought back her egg from the Grammys for a little different interpretation of “Born This Way”…a head scratcher…I hope my sister wasn’t watching.
So awesome, I pray the stores aren’t sold out tomorrow…because I don’t get off work until 4p…GAGA!

UPDATE: Danielle Staub Needs Help.

And that would be “professional” help…it seems Staub now regrets her Scores contract and it seems as if she’s upset some photos OF HER STRIPPING are causing her to take two steps back.  This is what Staub tells People magazine:
  “I have addictions with love and low self-esteem, and I need help!” Staub, 48, told the magazine. “My low self-esteem derived from childhood sexual abuse has messed with my mind and self-worth, and over the years I thought about getting help but pushed it deep into the depths of denial.”
More than anything else, Staub needs to get help for the sake of her daughters; again, terrific example, plus she needs help in the area of 15 minutes of fame/look-at-me, I need attention area.  And just who will Staub be seeking the help of?  Dr. Drew Pinsky! And why the hell not?  Oh and I found something on that VH1 reality show Staub is working or now not working on. Famous Food synopsis
I just hope these girls don’t go through the same trauma someday….

When Beyonce’ Goes Blonde….

I have to admit, I’m not all that jazzed about Beyonce’s new song, and I think it’s because it’s been almost two and a half years since she put a new album out.  A lot can happen in two in half years, like Lady GaGa, the fall then resurrection of Rihanna, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and so on; so we ask ourselves, does Beyonce’ still have the ovaries to keep up with the ever-changing face of female pop music?  Sure She does, but “Run The World (Girls)” has seem to have fallen on deaf ears.  It only debuted in the 30s on the Billboard Hot 100 and its momentum has been slow; her new album, 4, will be released on June 28th.  I’d say we’ll hear at least one more single before then and I pray it’s a good one.  Now this video, it’s pretty damn good; it’s sexy, it’s in your face, it’s a little Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and let’s be fair, Tina Turner rocked the blonde look in that very movie.  If nothing else, this number will be very hot live, and Beyonce’ taped a performance of the single as part of Oprah’s farewell episodes….Sob!  Check this out, because on Idol last night, they cut the video the short.  Oh yeah!

Please DON’T Strip For Me!

Danielle Staub?…is that really the Joker?  Sheesh….well, since last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey season 3 premiere EXPLODED, minus Staub, she decided to make headlines today by telling the world, she will become a stripper(AGAIN)–to be fair–that’s what she’s best at.  Staub has signed a 3-year deal do one live appearance with Score’s Gentleman’s Club and (gulp, then vomit) she will “ocassionally” appear on Score’s website.  That’s so gross, I don’t know where to begin.  But that’s not all, in addition to setting a great example for her two daughters-the little budding singer and the model–Staub will also be coming back to TV with a VH1 reality show entitled Famous Food WTF?  I have no idea what it’s about, because I can’t find a synopsis, but I’m sure it will be short-lived.  And of course she’s telling the press RHONJ will now be no good without her because she “brought the drama”, not to mention more than that…again, gross!  Are you watching RHONJ?  Will the show survive without Danielle?  By the way, what happened to her lesbian exploits?  Far, far away I hope.

You Tube Can Be Fun…And Hilarious!

I went looking for a clip from The Goonies and I ended finding a clip of a pre-Goonies Jeff Cohen aka Chunk on an episode of Kids Incorporated singing Prince’s “Baby, I’m a Star”, I’ll spare you that!  I really have no memory of that show except for the theme song and I remember Martika, but there were other budding young stars, especially one Stacy Ferguson:
As I was looking through more clips, Fergie seemed to dominate a lot of the numbers in the show, again, I have no memory of her.   A little known fact, when Martika recorded her no. 1 hit “Toy Soldiers”, Ferguson and another unknown from Kids, Jennifer Love Hewitt, sang background vocals.  I was cracking up at the Fergie clips, and this one just sealed the deal:
All you have to do is search “Kids Incorporated” or “Fergie” and you’ll find a gold mine…JUST GO FOR IT!

Just How Desperate is SNL?

When you see a LIVE ACTION version of the Ambiguously Gay Duo…well, it morphed into a live version; starring Jon Hamm as Ace and Jimmy Fallon as Gary.  I guess it was sort of neat, but when’s the last time we saw “A Cartoon by Robert Smigel”? It’s hard to say since Smigel’s complete stint at SNL is unknown.  According to Wikipedia, “No ‘TV Funhouse’ segments were produced for the 2009-10 season of SNL, and his future with the show is unknown.”  Oh well.  We’ll always have Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

The Bravery of Becoming Chaz

Back in June of 2009 is when we first learned of the beginnings of Chaz Bono’s transition.  I jokingly blogged, Main Man?  I joked, but I totally took the story seriously.  This week has been the ultimate media blitz of a nearly two-year process for Chaz to become the man he always wanted to be.  
Becoming Chaz is a powerful, yet understated documentary about the process and how Chaz’s girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, has learned (well, I would guess she’s still learning) to deal with falling in love all over again with her partner.  Do we see Cher?  Of course, and as Chaz has explained, both in the documentary and in several recent interviews, his mother is slowly coming around, though I must say Cher appeared a little uncomfortable in her interviews for the doc.  It was Cher who wasn’t ready to accept then Chastity as a lesbian almost 15 years ago.  In the end, this story will never be about Chaz’s famous parents, it’s about how he dealt with feeling different as early as when he hit puberty to when he made the decision to finally go through the transition.  
I have to admire Jenny; she’s had to re-learn what it’s like to live with a man after she fell in love with the woman that man once was.  It’s the one part of the process I’ll never understand; does this mean Jenny is now straight?  I don’t know.  Does it mean Chaz is straight?  Well, not counting the bottom surgery he has yet to have, he is a straight man.  Chaz even expresses he may never have the bottom surgery because ultimately, gender is not defined by genitalia.  And that’s a totally fair statement.  I’ve saved Becoming Chaz in my DVR to watch again, to see if I missed something; if you have OWN, check your listings and don’t miss this touching and informative documentary.
(Chaz with Cher at the Burlesque premiere last November)

It’s Not Right And It’s Defintely Not Okay…

I’ve been getting a daily prep sheet lately through the radio station and how this item escaped my attention earlier, I’ll never know.  Yep, Whitney Houston has checked herself back into rehab, well, it’s an “outpatient” rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.  This happened 10 days ago, but official confirmation was released this morning.  I guess Whitney will never get her life completely back on track; it’s sad she will fade into oblivion as that tragic diva who had a killer voice and had it all, but she just couldn’t quite conquer her demons.  If you have kept up with the Houston saga, you’ve seen that now her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is now, maybe, becoming an addict herself….so sad.  All I know is, this blog gave me an excuse to post this clip again:

And The Paula Puzzle Piece Fits!

Negotiations went down to the wire, but Paula Abdul will re-join Simon Cowell this fall for Fox’s American version of The X-Factor.  Abdul rounds out the judging panel of Cowell, former Island Def Jam label head/Grammy-winning producer L.A. Reid, and British version judge, Cheryl Cole.  The show finally has announced their hosts as well, former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, and British TV host, Steve Jones. 
So what does this all mean?  Nothing really.  Although I do think the final nail in the American Idol coffin may be complete.  The Voice, of course, is outstanding, and who knows what The X-Factor will really be like, but for sure, viewers will be drawn back to the chemistry of Cowell and Abdul.  Seriously, I’ve missed the crazy and I’m still sad Live to Dance didn’t work out for Paula; it ended being too much like the other reality competition shows, totally boring and Fox just does a better job with So You Think You Can Dance? 
Yes, welcome back!…I can’t wait.