You Tube Can Be Fun…And Hilarious!

I went looking for a clip from The Goonies and I ended finding a clip of a pre-Goonies Jeff Cohen aka Chunk on an episode of Kids Incorporated singing Prince’s “Baby, I’m a Star”, I’ll spare you that!  I really have no memory of that show except for the theme song and I remember Martika, but there were other budding young stars, especially one Stacy Ferguson:
As I was looking through more clips, Fergie seemed to dominate a lot of the numbers in the show, again, I have no memory of her.   A little known fact, when Martika recorded her no. 1 hit “Toy Soldiers”, Ferguson and another unknown from Kids, Jennifer Love Hewitt, sang background vocals.  I was cracking up at the Fergie clips, and this one just sealed the deal:
All you have to do is search “Kids Incorporated” or “Fergie” and you’ll find a gold mine…JUST GO FOR IT!

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