Rebecca Black Unfriends YouTube

Did someone hear the billion cries of agony through our computer screens?  Because guess what kids, it’s over…Yep, Rebecca Black’s Friday video has been yanked from YouTube….why?  It’s all a fight over who controls the rights, Ark Music Factory or Rebecca’s family.  In other words, someone wants a lot of money out of this little cash cow.  How will we go on?  How will I go on?  I’m figuring Black will try to record a full-length record and I’m betting it won’t be with Ark.  But who will touch this viral talent?  And I do mean viral….from now on, if anyone extends Black’s 15 minutes, cue Katy Perry, there will always be a reference to “Friday”, no matter what.   And now that Raquel Castro didn’t make the semi-finals on The Voice, no more dopplegangers either!  I’m not-not-not excited….I know this won’t be the last we hear from Rebecca Black, but we’ll always have this.


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