When A "Gay Twist" Is NOT A Gay Twist

Oh boy, where do I begin?  When Alan Ball and the producers of True Blood teased one of the major characters would switch teams this season, I knew exactly who they were talking about, Tara…duh!  I mean seriously, can the writers come up with someone a little more unexpected?  
I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’ve got a pretty, damn good gaydar and Tara has been on mine from almost the beginning.  To be fair, the Tara character is NOT prominent in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels.  However, Ball took over the creativity and let Tara in only to torture her and to have her strike out with guys, big time!  So at the end of season 3, Tara whacked off her hair (Hello?!?), she drove by Merlotte’s and she said “see ya!” to Bon Temps.  
I was surprised we found out the big gay twist in the first episode last night; I was very displeased with how busy last season was and last night-in one episode-the writers had a lot to catch up on.  Tara now calls herself “Toni” and she’s an ultimate cage fighter (BUTCH ALERT!) in New Orleans; and, she has a girlfriend!  Without giving too much away, Tara will probably end up heading back to Bon Temps after a text from Lafayette.  To be honest, I call bullshit on this storyline, especially if it was just to make Tara more interesting or give her more of a spotlight.  Because I fear, she will swing back the way of men, possibly old flame Sam, and her lesbianism will be just a whim.  If she’s bi, big deal, so what?  
My cynicism still needs to process this one.

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