Adam Lambert Debuts New Song in Quebec!

It’s been about a minute since I blogged about my beloved Glambert; and he’s been hard at work on a new album which I’m hoping will be released by the end of the year.  The only news I’ve read recently about Lambert is that he was the 3rd highest earning (ex) American Idol competitor, not bad at all and yes, he out-earned Kris Allen, duh!  
The following clip comes from the land of Canada, the mostly French-speaking Quebec to be specific.  So, you’ll hear a lot of Francais rumblings while Lambert is singing.  And I love when Lambert says it’s a new song, “I know I’ll see it on YouTube”, yes honey you will!
See what you think of “Outlaws of Love”

Project Runway Season 9 Premiere (Live-ish)

As usual, with my past PR blogs, I will watch and type, but I will NOT time-stamp since I may not watch every episode live….I’m ready, let’s see if I can remember anyone’s name after the first five minutes.
-9 seasons?!? I can’t believe it….back in NYC! 20 designers are there, but only 16 will make it to the second the episode, sad huh?
-I don’t believe the Mormon guy/Christopher is straight, but I’ll roll with it….everyone is scurrying to get ready to be shot down by Nina and Michael, yep, they’re back too…this is essentially like the American Idol auditions, only with clothes…Heidi tries something on, I guess Bryce Black is in…
-Here’s uh, former Miss Trinidad and Tobago Anya, who says she only learned sewing “4 months ago”…huh???…Tim is “horrified”, the question is, can she execute the challenges by herself?..
-Becky Ross was in a religious cult, no really!…Why did Heidi just sing?…it evoked memories of this:
**OH JESUS, too many designers, I can’t keep up yet, though I have a feeling of who will be there…my 2 KY reps are safe, they gotta be….
-There will be MANY gay boys this season, it may or may not rule…”Nina is hot!”-Rafael (OH GOD!)
-Bert is the old guy, and we know how PR loves old guys….like Vincent…
-Okay, Bert lost his partner to AIDS and became alcoholic and he designed with Halston, wow, let me take you back to 1988, we’ll see.
-The guy who survived testicular cancer, Anthony Ryan, is okay…Jesus, I’m so behind…
^Final casting announcement time!^
I guess it will be easier if I reveal the names of those NOT making it through…David Chum, GUNNAR DEATHERAGE (OOOPS!), well there goes the KY representative out the window, damnit!, Amanda Perna, and Serena Da Conceciao, who tried out 10 years ago, well…shit!!!!…that means miss WKU, Laura Kathleen Planck better bring it!
-The designers check into the Atlas, ah memories…they keep calling Laura “Barbie” (girl, she better hang around for more than one episode, since Gunnar let me down)…
-5:00am…Tim is waking everyone up, it’s amazing how that man gets himself together at such an early hour…”a come as you are” party, they have to bring one sheet…CHEDDAR BISCUITS!
-The Parsons work room…yay!…create a design from the one sheet and whatever you are wearing…oooooh…what if someone was sleeping naked????…I don’t think the producers are THAT stupid.
-I hate to say this, but I don’t really wear pajamas…Cecilia is this season’s loose cannon loudmouth, trouble-maker, as evidence by the casting special…Miss “4 months of sewing” Ayna may have trouble…
(The Cat’s Pajamas, get it?)
-Oh I just noticed, they are all wearing scrubs…Aynade wants to make pants, because, she’s never made pants before, oh boy…The Gunn is here to check on the first-year residents…
-Feathers? Tim is not impressed with Anthony Ryan’s “pubic patch”…a clown puking rainbows tee serves as part of Fallene’s…adorable.
-Rafael has not draped on his form, he wants to see his ideas on an live person…I wasn’t sure he would make it through…picture break….
(Al is shocked Ayna has only been sewing 4 months!)
-I just saw Bryce is wearing hot pink scrubs, lucky!…Models arrive…I may or may not like Bert, who said the famous “I’m not here to make friends” line in the promo….
-I think this challenge would have been more interesting if the designers had to design their own outfits, oh well.
-The freak-outs have begun!…(make-up/hair montage)…Runway time, lots of unfinished garments coming up…
(How do you like my PUH-jamas?)
-I love Michael Kors, I don’t love Nina Garcia, this has been well-established…guest judge? Christina Ricci.
-Okay, the runway is too crowded this week to assess….if I see something ugly, I’ll note….Anya’s is not terrible; I’m sure there are some flaws…Love Julie’s, the skater chick!…Anthony Ryan’s is all wrong…Rafael, UGLY…Bert, not bad, Mormon Josh…too basic…
-Same thing with who’s safe and who’s not, too many people, too little time!
Judgement….Anthony Ryan…colorblind?…trimmings aka pubic area…Rafael…yeah, not too good…”Flintstone disco patch”-Michael Kors…Julie…they are not liking it…even Christina…”sewing learning curve”????…odd pocket…Anya…never sewed silk before, or ANYTHING!…she’s wowing them, I think that whole, “I can’t sew” thing is a crock!…Bert…he’s done well with checkered boxer shorts…styling is a problem…Josh…fitting issues…he’s blaming the other designers for not telling him “it didn’t look good”…huh???…
-The winner? Halston’s old buddy Bert…Safe? Anya, Anthony Ryan, Julie, Josh,
-Auf’ed…Rafael or…
Until next time….

KY Will Represent On The New Season Of Project Runway

And it’s about damn time! Yes, normally I wouldn’t blog until the episode airs tonight, but I couldn’t help myself, because I need to tell you about 2 special designers.
First, we have Laura Kathleen…
 Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Laura studied at Western Kentucky University, class of 2007.  Cool! I heard rumblings about this particular gal from some friends and I didn’t make the KY connection until I found her on Facebook. She’s worked in Nashville and is now back in her hometown of St. Louis. Here’s more .
Our second KY representative is from Louisville, 21-year-old Gunnar Deatherage.
Deatherage’s personal look is what you would totally expect to see on the show. He’s young and he loves Lady GaGa and GLEE, who doesn’t? Here’s his dossier from the PR website. As for the rest of the designers, I’ve looked at a few of them and I would say this could be a great season.  AND for the first time, fans/viewers will get to vote via Twitter on their fan favorite, and that designer, just like every season past, will win $10,000 at the end of the season. Here’s more on that, but basically you need to hash tag (#) your favorite designer on each episode, for example, #PR9laurakathleen. And if you go to the official website, you’ll notice Facebook “likes” by each designer’s name; social media is being beaten to death this time around.  
Come back tonight for my season premiere live-ish blog! It’s good times!

And I’m Telling You I Almost Didn’t Find This Clip

*And…there’s still a catch…you’ll have to click on the link to see it, as the “embedding disabled by request” annoyance popped up on YouTube….GRRRR!*
I thought I would never find this individual clip and I’m glad I finally did.  Have I mentioned how awesome The Glee Project is?  This week’s assignment, “Tenacity”, found the contestants getting their first taste of getting slushied, a definite GLEE initiation, and although Cameron underwhelmed AGAIN, he’s still around and hell he might win.  If in the event he can’t bring it, I’m betting on three contestants to steal his thunder, Alex (DUH!), Hannah, or Irish cutie Damian.  Lindsay is too much like Rachel Berry, but she’s determined to piss off everyone.  I guess the one person left I’m not sure about is Samuel.  He would definitely be a good character for GLEE, there’s not really anyone who looks like him (dreds, nose ring) on the show.  I guess it’s anyone’s to lose.

Reversal Of GLEE Fortune!

Breaking news from Comic-Con!  According to GLEE executive producer Brad Falchuk, stars Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, and Lea Michele will NOT be exiting the show after the upcoming season!!!!!  Although all three characters will graduate, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be leaving Lima, OH behind for good.  This is an odd turn events considering Ryan Murphy has spoken about the change/”graduation” for months and now he is usurped at the GLEE panel on the final day at Comic-Con.  Could there now be a big turn-around behind the scenes?  I doubt it since this team is one of the hottest in television, but who knows at this point.  I’m still very nervous about the evolution of the show next season.

Chic C’est La What The Hell Is The Countess Doing????

The promos showed Grammy-winner Natalie Cole being introduced to Countess LuAnn and then there’s the inevitable shot of them singing.  Oh God!  Someone (ANDY COHEN) really needs to stop the singing Housewives train.  No, this won’t be the Countess’ next single, it was just a lark, well a “1 year anniversary of dating” gift for her man Jacques, which I couldn’t tell if he was stunned or if he was horrified.  Simon’s face said it all, as you’ll see in the clip.  Now if you are wondering why Natalie Cole looked so different, she’s had several health issues in the past few years and I’m not sure she’s been seen in public very much.  But the woman can still sing!  The Countess (SPOILER ALERT!) cannot. 

Rebecca Black Strikes Back! (Not Really, Are You Kidding???)

Oh Rebecca, I had to take some time (a day and a half) to process the new song and video for Black’s “Friday” follow-up “My Moment”, and now my process is complete.  First off, this is not a terrible song; I’ve hear much worse from Black’s fellow Ark Music Factory label mates. (Click for this hilarious countdown that does include Black herself)
I guess “My Moment” will have to broken down into a couple of screencaps for good measure.
 You know an artist is legit when you see him/her sitting at the board in a recording studio; if she had done this with “Friday” I think she would have been taken more seriously, I’m totally kidding!  This video is filled to the brim with cliche’s galore.  The standard “let’s look at the process in the studio” scene is just one.  Cool huh?
 I didn’t think this shot was legit, but then is anything on MTV legit anymore?  When Fridaymania was at its high point, Black was invited to make appearances, give interviews, and just get out there to try and extend her fame.  I love the girl in the “Marry Me Justin” shirt, so teenybopper.
 Back to the studio where Black air drums an accent before the second verse; hey, she may have an iota of talent after all.  Air drumming has always been severely underrated, Rebecca Black makes it cool again.  Ugh!
 One more visit to the studio and I ask my main burning question.  I don’t hear any electric guitar in the track, so why dramatize it?  She’s no Orinathi, but whoever she is, she can play the hell out of a guitar, or at least look good doing it.  
 Yes ma’am!  Rebecca Black dances!  And she ain’t bad.  When I saw the dude with the 5 o’clock shadow and the crazy smirk, I just want to remind him that Black is 14-years-old buddy!  Stop Jon Hamming!
 By the end of the video, Black gets in her “f-you!” moment in the limo; she’s “about to blow up!” Right.  Her perfect bangs will not be denied!
 Okay, I know I didn’t touch on every cliche’ here, but this one is classic, the faux marquee complete with red carpet and paparazzi.  Very legit!  NOT!
 I just wonder what this whole Rebecca Black story would’ve looked like if she released this song first and “Friday” second.  To be fair, I think this song was written post-Friday publicity, so I guess my hypotheses is no plausible.  
Congratulations universe, you win.

Little People, Big Divas (This Is NOT Becoming A GLEE Blog!)

Well, it was bound to happen, and last night it did.  Little cutie pie Matheus Fernandes was sent packing by evil Ryan Murphy.   I was shocked, especially after the “let’s all work as a team” speech Murphy gave concerning Alex’s dissing of Matheus’ hitting the high notes ability.  I totally thought Alex would be let go and he was in the bottom last week.  Matheus, however, has been in the bottom a lot and I have to ask myself why?  He would be a perfect character for the show, he would wow audiences, but maybe he would annoy them, I just don’t know.  Murphy’s constant note to Matheus was “be sexier” or “be more of a leading man” which the latter is sort of silly if you consider how GLEE has evolved.  Yes, Chris Colfer received his second straight Emmy nomination last week, but in the end, the show is about coming together as a team, yet Kurt Hummel is the kind of unique character Murphy is looking for on The Glee Project
Last night’s episode “Pairability” was weird on all sorts of levels.  The initial challenge involved the competitors pairing up to perform Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” (it’s also been on the show) and Matheus and Alex were paired together, oh boy?  Let’s have a look, oh and I apologize for the volume, it was the best copy I could find, so crank it down a little bit:
If you thought that was odd, here’s what happened when Hannah and Alex teamed up for their music video for “Nowadays”:
Alex has his faults, but he is the under the radar contender, however, was it fair to make him go drag, though I’m sure he didn’t mind?  What is now getting on my nerves is this guy is becoming the nerdy, yet sexy contender
 When Cameron was in Egypt’s land indeed.  I beg of you if you still haven’t seen The Glee Project, check it out Sunday nights at 9E/8C on Oxygen–yes that channel made the cut in my basic cable (whew!)–and if just can’t wait or you are bored, hulu has the first 4 episodes available to watch, same scenario on Oxygen’s site, just go to “full episodes” and select The Glee Project, and I’m sure this week’s will be posted soon. 

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

Last week, I wrote about Chord Overstreet not coming back to GLEE as a regular; but an even BIGGER bombshell landed this afternoon. It’s now being reported Cory Monteith/Finn, Lea Michele/Rachel, and Chris Colfer/Kurt will NOT be back after the upcoming 3rd season; their characters will be the first in Ryan Murphy’s evil plan to have Senior(?) New Directions members graduate. At this point, Murphy is now really setting his show up to “Jump The Shark”, how does the show go on without three pivotal and more importantly, series-defining characters?  I’ve loved GLEE from day one, but I’ve always feared it wouldn’t last, and I think when the ratings dip this upcoming season–they will–and then when they really dip in season 4 without 3 major stars, you may not see GLEE anymore.  They will need at least five seasons, maybe four, to make it into syndication status, and then, that will probably be it.  Because how do you make a show like this fresh after two seasons?  Will all the glee clubs/show choirs across the country fall apart if GLEE is not on the air?  And will its young-ish stars find a way to get out of the shadows of their GLEE personas?  All difficult questions to answer.  No more drama!

And The GLEE Fallout Begins! (Somewhat)

Well, I should use the term “graduation” rather than “fallout”; either way, GLEE fans aren’t too happy about Chord Overstreet’s demotion from “series regular” to “occasional guest star”.  And who got bumped up to “regular status”?  Darren Criss/Blaine obviously, and, it pains me to write this, but also Harry Shum, Jr./Mike Chang.  I have nothing against Shum, but I’ve never been able to stand his character.  Making him a regular does make sense, but why limit Sam’s time; I thought Ryan Murphy, when he originally put out the word he was going to “graduate” some of the cast members, he would keep Sam around, and this is also after it was implied at the end of season 2, Sam and Mercedes were now an item.  It doesn’t make sense. 
What some fans may not know is Overstreet is the son of country singer/songwriter, Paul Overstreet.  The elder Overstreet has co-written some of the biggest country songs, including “Love Can Build a Bridge” (The Judds), “Forever and Ever Amen” (Randy Travis), and “When You Say Nothing At All” (Keith Whitely, then Alison Krauss); so Chord will be okay.  It’s rumored he will be recording and releasing his own solo album–Yes!  And he’s being currently seen as part of the season two GLEE Live! tour…so, we’ll just have to see.  I’m really nervous to see what Murphy does next.