One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

Last week, I wrote about Chord Overstreet not coming back to GLEE as a regular; but an even BIGGER bombshell landed this afternoon. It’s now being reported Cory Monteith/Finn, Lea Michele/Rachel, and Chris Colfer/Kurt will NOT be back after the upcoming 3rd season; their characters will be the first in Ryan Murphy’s evil plan to have Senior(?) New Directions members graduate. At this point, Murphy is now really setting his show up to “Jump The Shark”, how does the show go on without three pivotal and more importantly, series-defining characters?  I’ve loved GLEE from day one, but I’ve always feared it wouldn’t last, and I think when the ratings dip this upcoming season–they will–and then when they really dip in season 4 without 3 major stars, you may not see GLEE anymore.  They will need at least five seasons, maybe four, to make it into syndication status, and then, that will probably be it.  Because how do you make a show like this fresh after two seasons?  Will all the glee clubs/show choirs across the country fall apart if GLEE is not on the air?  And will its young-ish stars find a way to get out of the shadows of their GLEE personas?  All difficult questions to answer.  No more drama!

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