Little People, Big Divas (This Is NOT Becoming A GLEE Blog!)

Well, it was bound to happen, and last night it did.  Little cutie pie Matheus Fernandes was sent packing by evil Ryan Murphy.   I was shocked, especially after the “let’s all work as a team” speech Murphy gave concerning Alex’s dissing of Matheus’ hitting the high notes ability.  I totally thought Alex would be let go and he was in the bottom last week.  Matheus, however, has been in the bottom a lot and I have to ask myself why?  He would be a perfect character for the show, he would wow audiences, but maybe he would annoy them, I just don’t know.  Murphy’s constant note to Matheus was “be sexier” or “be more of a leading man” which the latter is sort of silly if you consider how GLEE has evolved.  Yes, Chris Colfer received his second straight Emmy nomination last week, but in the end, the show is about coming together as a team, yet Kurt Hummel is the kind of unique character Murphy is looking for on The Glee Project
Last night’s episode “Pairability” was weird on all sorts of levels.  The initial challenge involved the competitors pairing up to perform Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” (it’s also been on the show) and Matheus and Alex were paired together, oh boy?  Let’s have a look, oh and I apologize for the volume, it was the best copy I could find, so crank it down a little bit:
If you thought that was odd, here’s what happened when Hannah and Alex teamed up for their music video for “Nowadays”:
Alex has his faults, but he is the under the radar contender, however, was it fair to make him go drag, though I’m sure he didn’t mind?  What is now getting on my nerves is this guy is becoming the nerdy, yet sexy contender
 When Cameron was in Egypt’s land indeed.  I beg of you if you still haven’t seen The Glee Project, check it out Sunday nights at 9E/8C on Oxygen–yes that channel made the cut in my basic cable (whew!)–and if just can’t wait or you are bored, hulu has the first 4 episodes available to watch, same scenario on Oxygen’s site, just go to “full episodes” and select The Glee Project, and I’m sure this week’s will be posted soon. 

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