Rebecca Black Strikes Back! (Not Really, Are You Kidding???)

Oh Rebecca, I had to take some time (a day and a half) to process the new song and video for Black’s “Friday” follow-up “My Moment”, and now my process is complete.  First off, this is not a terrible song; I’ve hear much worse from Black’s fellow Ark Music Factory label mates. (Click for this hilarious countdown that does include Black herself)
I guess “My Moment” will have to broken down into a couple of screencaps for good measure.
 You know an artist is legit when you see him/her sitting at the board in a recording studio; if she had done this with “Friday” I think she would have been taken more seriously, I’m totally kidding!  This video is filled to the brim with cliche’s galore.  The standard “let’s look at the process in the studio” scene is just one.  Cool huh?
 I didn’t think this shot was legit, but then is anything on MTV legit anymore?  When Fridaymania was at its high point, Black was invited to make appearances, give interviews, and just get out there to try and extend her fame.  I love the girl in the “Marry Me Justin” shirt, so teenybopper.
 Back to the studio where Black air drums an accent before the second verse; hey, she may have an iota of talent after all.  Air drumming has always been severely underrated, Rebecca Black makes it cool again.  Ugh!
 One more visit to the studio and I ask my main burning question.  I don’t hear any electric guitar in the track, so why dramatize it?  She’s no Orinathi, but whoever she is, she can play the hell out of a guitar, or at least look good doing it.  
 Yes ma’am!  Rebecca Black dances!  And she ain’t bad.  When I saw the dude with the 5 o’clock shadow and the crazy smirk, I just want to remind him that Black is 14-years-old buddy!  Stop Jon Hamming!
 By the end of the video, Black gets in her “f-you!” moment in the limo; she’s “about to blow up!” Right.  Her perfect bangs will not be denied!
 Okay, I know I didn’t touch on every cliche’ here, but this one is classic, the faux marquee complete with red carpet and paparazzi.  Very legit!  NOT!
 I just wonder what this whole Rebecca Black story would’ve looked like if she released this song first and “Friday” second.  To be fair, I think this song was written post-Friday publicity, so I guess my hypotheses is no plausible.  
Congratulations universe, you win.

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