And I’m Telling You I Almost Didn’t Find This Clip

*And…there’s still a catch…you’ll have to click on the link to see it, as the “embedding disabled by request” annoyance popped up on YouTube….GRRRR!*
I thought I would never find this individual clip and I’m glad I finally did.  Have I mentioned how awesome The Glee Project is?  This week’s assignment, “Tenacity”, found the contestants getting their first taste of getting slushied, a definite GLEE initiation, and although Cameron underwhelmed AGAIN, he’s still around and hell he might win.  If in the event he can’t bring it, I’m betting on three contestants to steal his thunder, Alex (DUH!), Hannah, or Irish cutie Damian.  Lindsay is too much like Rachel Berry, but she’s determined to piss off everyone.  I guess the one person left I’m not sure about is Samuel.  He would definitely be a good character for GLEE, there’s not really anyone who looks like him (dreds, nose ring) on the show.  I guess it’s anyone’s to lose.

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