KY Will Represent On The New Season Of Project Runway

And it’s about damn time! Yes, normally I wouldn’t blog until the episode airs tonight, but I couldn’t help myself, because I need to tell you about 2 special designers.
First, we have Laura Kathleen…
 Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Laura studied at Western Kentucky University, class of 2007.  Cool! I heard rumblings about this particular gal from some friends and I didn’t make the KY connection until I found her on Facebook. She’s worked in Nashville and is now back in her hometown of St. Louis. Here’s more .
Our second KY representative is from Louisville, 21-year-old Gunnar Deatherage.
Deatherage’s personal look is what you would totally expect to see on the show. He’s young and he loves Lady GaGa and GLEE, who doesn’t? Here’s his dossier from the PR website. As for the rest of the designers, I’ve looked at a few of them and I would say this could be a great season.  AND for the first time, fans/viewers will get to vote via Twitter on their fan favorite, and that designer, just like every season past, will win $10,000 at the end of the season. Here’s more on that, but basically you need to hash tag (#) your favorite designer on each episode, for example, #PR9laurakathleen. And if you go to the official website, you’ll notice Facebook “likes” by each designer’s name; social media is being beaten to death this time around.  
Come back tonight for my season premiere live-ish blog! It’s good times!

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