Dancing With The Stars Welcomes Chaz Bono…Let The Naysaying Begin!

Oh, I’m so ready for this!  TMZ was already on top of the casting of Chaz Bono on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars on Friday.  So tonight’s announcement was not a surprise, but apparently it’s a surprise to loyal fans of the show.  I was just perusing the comments on the new cast, which also includes: Nancy Grace, David Arquette, Ron Artest, Chyna Phillips, Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, HOPE SOLO, George Clooney’s lastest -ex Elisabetta Canalis, Iraq veteran/actor J.R. Martinez, and Ricki Lake, and viewers are already outraged with Bono’s name and many have said they will not be watching.  The leaked list included Ryan O’Neal, but he apparently didn’t make the cut or wasn’t going to be on in the first place; there were also rumors Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member and former child star Kim Richards was going to be on…no!  
I must admit, this particular cast is very lackluster but that’s no excuse to just drop the show because of one person.  I’m really excited to see Chaz in action and I’m sure we’ll all be treated to at least one appearance by Chaz’s mother, um, CHER, in the audience.  Carson Kressley’s name is the one surprise, as he was never listed in the leaked list nor was he rumored to be cast.  Now the question is, will Kressley dance with a woman?  I’d say yes; will Chaz be dancing with a woman?  Yes!  Is this all very hyped and a ratings stunt?  Probably.  Seriously, head over to here to read the comments that have been posted so far, some are hateful and some are downright ridiculous.  You’ll see a lot of comments with phrases like, “…this is a family show” It is?
All of the hype will commence with a two-hour premiere Monday, September 19th at 8E/7C with the first results show the following night at the same time.  I’m setting the DVR now!

Jo Calderone Overkill? And Other MTV VMA Musings…

Was I the only one who wasn’t surprised by Lady GaGa’s, er, Jo Calerone’s antics last night?  No, but I think GaGa’s move was genius with a dash of overkill.  I mulled over whether of not I would even be interested in the VMA’s past GaGa’s rough and rousing opening performance of “You and I”.  To be fair, I missed most of the first hour of the show (True Blood, hello?!?), though I did see Jo Calderone’s opening monologue (too damn long!) and then his performance complete with Queen’s Brian May joining Jo on-stage. 
When I turned on the VMA’s after I returned to my apartment, I saw Jo again and I thought “is he the host?” since MTV decided at the last minute to go without one.  Then he started another long-winded speech about Michael Jackson Video Vanguard winner Britney Spears.  After a dance montage of some Spears’ hits, Calderone then presented her the award.
Clearly, Calderone/GaGa wanted another Britney make-out moment a la the Madonna/Spears/Xtina threesome of the 2003 show, but after some awkwardness, it didn’t happen.  DARN!  It makes me wonder how much of the whole Jo Calderone schtick was rehearsed and how much was “let’s see what happens”.  MTV’s bleep machine was working perfectly, so that’s why I question how much was planned.  I’m assuming Beyonce’s pregnancy was planned…I’m already over that, not really over her, but over the hype. 
I felt bad for Adele, yes she won 3 awards, they were all technical, but I’m sure she was a little overwhelmed with the MTV machine.  All she has to do is sing (last night, “Someone Like You”) and the crowd respects her, it’s too bad that silence only lasted a few minutes.  It was like a different awards show.  Same thing with the Amy Winehouse tribute; it was heartbreaking to watch the footage of Tony Bennett and Winehouse recording “Body and Soul” for Bennett’s upcoming second duets album.  The Bruno Mars performance of “Valerie” was really good and it was high-energy. 
The only other moment that stood out for me was looking at this:
Katy Perry’s “cheesehead” mystery hat as she accepted Video of the Year; I like her, but her fashion choices are below par more often than not.  She was the other big winner with 3, whoopee zip!
So that’s what I thought….but I couldn’t resist one last shot.

Project Runway Season 9, Episode 5 (Watching It On Time!)

Tonight’s episode includes a team challenge, a track team challenge as implied in the promo????…All I know is we’ll see Tim in jeans and sneakers…worth it!
-Each designer has his/her own tennis shoes laid out…Cecilia is still down from last week…she’s being very belligerent…”Heidi Klum for New Balance”????…
-Four teams of three and a lap around the track will determine who the captains will be…Cecilia really doesn’t give a shit…she’s trying to quit…and she does!!!!…
-The race is on…Scissor Sister Josh M. is way ahead!…OLIVIER EATS IT! Josh M-Bryce-Anthony Ryan-Viktor are the team captains…Bitter Bert finishes dead last….Olivier skins his knee, on now the paramedics are involved!…his fall wasn’t quite as bad as this…
-Olivier is still down; he’s having a panic attack…Josh M.’s painted on eyebrows look weird…Bert will be picked last…Anthony Ryan gets the pleasure of taking on the old queen…Viktor gets to pick an eliminated competitor and that competitor gets to come back to the competition…they pick Josh C/Mormon Josh, awwww…
-Challenge: design 3 looks for Heidi’s New Balance sneaker collection…Josh M. thinks Becky is “not a style icon”…Bert’s design OMG!…Tim “I’m such a nag.”
-Leather and suede…Josh C. is back!…Just for good measure:
FLOJO! May she rest in peace…
-Just for the record, I love NB!…Josh M. is telling Becky to “take a back seat” even though she has athletic wear experience…Bert is really a dick, and no one likes him…I’d say a visit to the bottom is inevitable…
-Tim and Heidi check in…Team Bryce, not looking good…Team Viktor, Tim “Auntie Em doesn’t want to get on a motorcycle” ouch!…Team AR, too chic…Team Josh M., need to rework and Becky says she’s just sewing, wrong answer…Heidi decides to extend the deadline because she’s “worried”…Scissor Sister is making Becky cry, seriously and Anya is trying to comfort her…it’s not working…
-Damn, I thought Parsons would have better bathrooms, a little run-down…Team AR is really sinking because Bert’s is too dressy for sneakers…Team Bryce is still in the weeds…this should be an interesting runway…Bert and Josh M: MEOW!…Josh “You’re closer to death than I am!” when Bert tells him to drop dead…
-RUNWAY….Team Viktor…Not terrible, not sure about Olivier’s long skirt…Team Bryce…eh…Team AR…still too dressy, and Bert’s looks the best…Team Josh M….not terrible, looks maybe the most sporty…
What was Josh M thinking with his eyebrows???
-Team AR is throwing Bert under the bus, uh huh…(crap, who’s the guest judge???)…AR’s shorts, camel toe and butt…judges agree Bert’s is presentable, LK and AR fought Bert so much, they neglected their looks…I wish they would tell Josh M. his eyebrows are over the top…Josh is taking ownership for Becky’s outfit which the judges hate…More throwing under the bus…
I searched “ill-fitting shorts” this is one that came up…
-Guest judge is Erin Wasson never heard of her…all right here we go…Heidi has a twist…Viktor is the winner, Josh M. is also a winner…but does this mean two auf’ed????…both winners’ teams are safe…Bert is safe, LK is safe, Kimberly in, Bryce in, left Danielle and Anthony Ryan…
AUF’ED–Danielle, Heidi would have auf’ed AR…he dodged a bullet…Just read a tweet Anthony Ryan had strep throat during the challenge…UGH!
*Next week–Something with kids…that’s all I got…good night!

Dance Moms: The "LaQueefa" Incident

I’m absolutely obsessed with Dance Moms, and I think with every episode it’s getting better; yeah, the concept is already older than Tuesday’s earthquake, but it’s still entertaining.  However, last night’s episode took on a heavier tone than Abby’s risky “Where Have All the Children Gone?” routine–which won–from last week. Specifically the role of race at Abby’s dance studio.
Meet Holly, Nia’s mother
She introduced herself as a successful African-American woman with hopes of trying to emulate First Lady Michelle Obama; I think she even said she thought she looked a little like her, anyway, Holly has been frustrated with Nia’s position on the dance pyramid all season and really, you don’t see Nia much, unless Holly has an issue with either the costumes in the second episode, she deemed “inappropriate” and yes, they were, but Abby insisted they would make the judges take notice.  And last night, when Nia’s solo, called “LaQueefa” (I’m not making this up!) would require her, by Abby, to wear a leopard print costume and a 70’s afro.  Holly had had enough and I’m still puzzled why she wasn’t more upset over the character name LaQueefa than what her daughter had to wear.
Abby’s position on the issue?  Nia will have a better shot at landing “ethnic roles” if she performs these types of solos.  That’s all fine and good, but it makes you wonder what the extent of Abby’s knowledge on ethnic is.  The other side of this is Abby doesn’t think Nia is the best dancer and we saw her getting on to Nia more than the other girls in rehearsal, which all the moms at one point or another has probably had a problem with.  When competition time came, Nia did fail in her execution and Maddie (the star!) was very upset and passed off her anger as “I twisted my ankle”, whatever.  And when Abby and Holly got into the stereotyping of Nia issue, Abby’s simple response was “take your money and go someplace else!”  It’s not that easy.
So what is more important, being a good dancer or trying to push your ethnicity out there?  It’s hard to say.  I think even if Nia was the star, Abby would still put her in stereotypical costumes, but we’ll have to wait and see if Nia even stays by the end of the season.
I just want to point out two examples of what I think are 70’s afros:
Activist Angela Davis

Actress Pam Grier aka “Foxy Brown”
I think Holly should at least explain to Nia, who was oblivious to the controversy, what all this is about and she should point to these two iconic women who were proud of their afros, even if the look was big in their time.  Or better yet, Abby should’ve pointed to these women; it was sad she didn’t back up enough her “ethnic roles” argument.  
I hope next week is back to more of Crazy Cathy and less drama.

The Glee Project Finale: Ryan Murphy Becomes Oprah

Okay, okay, maybe I’ve been too hard on this guy, but as a loyal GLEE fan, can you blame me?!?  Ryan Murphy’s priorities may have shifted from the behind the scenes drama of GLEE to his new FX series, American Horror Story, but he’ll always be the show runner of chaosFirst, a quick recap of the finale.
The final four–Lindsay, Damian, Samuel, and Alex– get their homework assignment, “Glee-ality” (original, huh?) and they finally get to perform the song that started it all for GLEE over two years ago, “Don’t Stop Believin’.  When the finalists see that Murphy himself is their guest mentor, they get right to it.  As Damian starts to sing the first line, Murphy stops him and asks everyone if they have worked on any choreography, they looked puzzled, then the tells them he thinks they need a little help.  No, not from a big GLEE star, but from their fellow rejected competitors, even Cameron the quitter.  So after a rousing rendition of the Journey classic, the final four are told they will be shooting a video for the Pink song, “Raise Your Glass” and the video will co-star all of those other competitors, but feature the final four vocally and individually.  So the final four record their vocals for the video with Samuel lacking in energy.  
After the video shoot, the final four are told they get to pick their own songs for last chance performances, this time in front of the usual folks (Ryan, co-creator Ian Brennan, choreographer Zach Woodlee, vocal coach Nikki Anders, and casting director Robert Ulrich) and in front of their fellow competitors and GLEE mentors from the season (Darren Criss, Dot Jones, Ashley Fink, Jenna Ushkovitz, Max Adler, Harry Shum Jr, but NOT Mark Salling, Kevin McHale, or Idina Menzel).  I still think it’s kind of cheap one of the big stars from the show never made an appearance, maybe next season.  
All right, to the final performances:
First, Lindsay sang “Gimme Gimme” from the musical, Thoroughly Modern Mille, a song I’d never heard before.  She was good, probably the best she’s been all season, but I could not stand she went with her crocheted hat, Bohemian look.  Next, Damian takes on the old Bobby Darin swinger, “Beyond the Sea” (he dedicated it to Hannah and Cameron, awwwe!), I’ve always had a soft spot for Damian, he’s never been the strongest overall performer, but he’s always given 110 percent and then some.  I thought Samuel’s take on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” was the most understated of the the performances; the audience was a little stunned after seeing two show stoppers.  But he stayed true to himself.  Last, but never least, Alex came out in drag! to perform “I’m Changing” from the musical Dreamgirls; ah, I loved it!  The panel was taken aback and fascinated.  
After taking a few notes from the audience, the panel deliberated and really, I had no idea who was going to win; I was still hopeful Lindsay wouldn’t win.  And I got my wish!  Murphy first eliminated Alex–WHAT?–I was devastated, then he eliminated Lindsay–YES!  So we we were left with Sam and Damian.  Murphy tells Sam he wins; the crowd goes wild, there’s a smattering of confetti, but wait!  Murphy directs his attention to Damian and he tells him he also has won!  Both Samuel and Damian will get seven episode arcs on season 3 of GLEE, unbelievable.  Is it over???  No!  Murphy tells both Alex and Lindsay they will also be on GLEE, but for only two episodes…not too shabby!
I mean, how did this not happen:
If you think you have what it takes to be on The Glee Project, click here.

Project Runway Season 9, Episode 4 (Wow, I’m Starting Late!)

Yep, tonight’s episode is ALL about designing something for longtime judge Nina Garcia, UGH!  I will get through it, I will get through it, I will get through it.
One other note, I’ve recently joined a regular Thursday night trivia team, so I may never watch PR in real time, but I’m committed to bringing you my weekly rants, so enough about me…
-Becky misses Fallene, but she gave Julie “a fabulous haircut”, ????…meanwhile, in the boys apartment, “bring the bald guy back!” is written on the chalkboard, alluding to the absence of Josh Christensen; Bryce has “to bring it” in the next challenge…little does he know…
-The reveal of Nina as the “client” gets a mixed response, mostly suppressed terror, they have to design a day look that transitions to evening…Nina has a lot of dislikes, this will make it very interesting, the winner will win a taxi cab ad and he/she will be featured in Marie Claire, oh really?
-Will we see color? Maybe, but Nina doesn’t like loud looks….each designer gets a Nina consultation, montage alert!…tailoring, pants, blouses, all up for grabs, but nothing “dated” as in Cecilia’s looks “a little Dynasty“, oh boy!
(Oh why can’t we just see Nina in her regular role…next, the workroom.)
-TIM!…off to Mood…”don’t be boring!”…but it wouldn’t be a Project Runway episode if something didn’t bore Nina…Cecilia is having trouble finding affordable fabrics, a sign she may be in trouble or in the bottom….
-Anya and Josh M. “back together”…that sounds about right…Julie was a bartender, then went to design school; she’s a wild card for sure…fingers are being pointed at Becky, she and Anthony Ryan have the same fabric, he’s hating on it…Cecilia’s fabric under the light looks terrible…Viktor prefers to work with muslin on the form rather than stick fabric on it…Nina enters…and the outfit she has on is not great, no wonder she needs help…Danielle is her first victim, there’s a lot of “nos” going around…Anya’s fabric is a risk and Nina asks if there’s a plan b, there is not…
(There aren’t many diverse pictures of Nina…this was about the best I could do, not a good look for her…)
-Anya is not panicking, but I fear, the bottom…the Anthony Ryan/Becky fabric battle continues, who saw it first? Who cares?…Lauren Kathleen “Christmas green!” as Nina says…Cecilia’s fabrics look really bad, Nina, “sad”…no plan b either…Kimberly has gold and navy colors, Nina “prison jumper” ouch!…I have a feeling some these same critiques will be said on the runway…winner gets editorial in Marie Claire (or as Nina says, “Mary Claire”)…Anya is going to dye her fabric, now the risk factor has grown by leaps and bounds…we see AR’s fiance’ Matthew…he looks young…they are discussing getting married in NY, you can now boys, it’s legal!…model fitting montage–yawn!…Julie is being featured a lot, she’s either in the top or bottom…she doesn’t sew much…
(“Is that glue?”–Tim)
-I dig Anya’s Beyond Thunderdome hairdo…Tim is searching for the designers, he’s “sweating through his suit” looking at the amount of work that’s unfinished…oh lord, Cecilia’s is a hot mess and she doesn’t care what happens, she’s already accepting defeat…other designers are considering helping Anya, namely LK, is that cheating?…we’ll see…Tim is rushing and panicking…just another runway day.
(Could Nina rock this?)
-Runway time…guest judges, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, Joanna Coles (one of your judges on the upcoming All-Stars edition), and actress Kerry Washington…
-Josh M.-like, a little risky…Bert-boring…Olivier, totally Nina…AR, it’s nice, but how will Becky’s same fabric look?…oh hers is next…oh dear…Kimberly, it’s good, who knows?…Cecilia, UGLY!…Anya, eh, it looks finished…Danielle, boring…Julie, well-made, but a little wacky-looking…Bryce, HEM issue!…Laura Kathleen, very good…Viktor, good, but I need more color…Becky and Anthony are both safe!…and so is Bryce’s glaring hem…
-Nina likes Viktor’s, “versatility”…not in love with Julie’s, big shock, Michael “housecoat”…Joanna “Nina is asking to be fired if she showed up in this”…Cecilia…bad fabric, bad colors, not a good daytime look…Kimberly’s is good, and it’s liked by the panel…Nina is “amazed” at Anya’s design…will someone speak up about LK helping her?…Panel is bored with Danielle’s, Michael, “all she’s missing is the big white belt.”…Viktor has decided NOT to expose Anya’s assistance…
(“Who will be auf’ed?, wait and see.”)
-The winner is…Kimberly!…in: Viktor, Anya, Danielle…Julie and Cecilia are in the bottom…the magic of editing made this possible…Auf’ed: JULIE, quirky old thing…Cecilia dodged a huge bullet!
-Next week: a track, a running track, Olivier goes down!…thus another team challenge…good night!

Lady GaGa Channels….Marilyn Manson?

It’s been another big day for Mother Monster.  Not only was it announced she and the Haus of GaGa would be taking on Santa’s Workshop at Barney’s, but GaGa upped the ante by releasing her latest video for “You and I” two days earlier than expected.  Originally, the video was supposed to premiere Thursday night to be followed by a live tweet/q and a session; I think that will probably still happen, (I don’t know as of this writing and I also can’t find out who directed the video).  She simply stated on her Facebook, “FUCK THURSDAY” in reference to the early leak of the video.  
Now, the video…I can honestly say, and I know I’m not alone, I have no bloody idea what is going on!  One keyword in the song is “Nebraska” as the song is about GaGa’s on-again/off-again boyfriend Luc Carl who is from, Nebraska.  Who knew things got so freaky in the Corn Husker State.  
Here are some highlights/screenshots from “You and I”:
Oh hell no!, it’s a toothless wonder ice cream man/woman?, one of the first images we see, yikes! Not an ice cream truck I would want to visit.
Bette Midler is probably still stewing and I bet she won’t be a fan of this!
GaGa takes on a widow meets C-3PO look and I love the big sunglasses.
We are finally formally introduced to GaGa’s male alter ego, Jo Calderone and I knew as soon as I saw this, I knew GaGa would be making out with herself, I was right!  
The sprawling, real live Nebraska corn field, it’s nuts!
Here’s where things start to get freaky.  GaGa is being made into some type of creature/Metropolis thing, I really don’t know and all I thought of was this. Well, at least there wasn’t any extreme oral surgery.
There is a fierce dance sequence in a barn, again Nebraska, but with black leather and aqua hair.
Yes, GaGa goes all the way, at least artistically, I mean that’s a bare ass!
The mermaid looks amazing and she’s very happy in her oversized livestock tub.
SEE! It was inevitable!
GaGa does a lot of running in the video, oh and there’s a dance sequence in the corn field; she runs funny.
One of the last shots, well, it’s one of the first shots, a huge barn that could be anywhere in the Midwest, nice cinematography.
Now watch it and put the pieces together, I implore you.

The Glee Project Will Have A Final Four

Yes, it’s about over…and without this dude…Cameron says he doesn’t regret quitting…whatever…
So let’s see who can actually win this thing/7 episode arc on season 3 of GLEE

Although Alex Newell has had his diva flaws, he’s been the most consistent vocalist, oh, and the best vocalist in the competition. Yes, GLEE already has an overflow of gay characters, but it would be nice to see Alex written as a freshman or as a male diva to compliment Mercedes. We’ve seen him in drag, which that has NOT happened on GLEE, and I believe we’re going to see him in drag again in the finale. In my opinion, with the exception of Damian and Samuel, he should win.

Irish-born Damian McGinty has been a revelation and he’s improved every week; heck the boy couldn’t stay out of the bottom 3 for a couple of weeks in the first half of the season. He’s probably the weakest singer in the competition, but he has charm and he has heart. And I don’t believe GLEE has had an international and/or exchange student in the cast. Damian provides the writers/producers with the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

He looks like a character and he acts like one, and Samuel Larsen would make another great addition to the GLEE cast and not for appearing to be a bad-ass. Ryan Murphy has said in the past few weeks, and he said it when Cameron was still in the running, is that he would like to write a different kind of Christian character. We didn’t find out until last week’s episode, Samuel has several biblical quotes tattooed on his body. Who knew? Think the guy that quit KORN. Well, Brian “Head” Welch quit the band to find God, but he’s still rocking. 

I put Lindsay Pearce last, because she has the least chance of winning. Why? Hello?!? Rachel Berry; I don’t think McKinley is big enough for two of the same type of character. Plus, she isn’t the strongest singer; she’s suited for musicals, but NOT for GLEE. I’ll be so mad if she wins! I think the only note Murphy and co-creator Ian Brennan discussed on last night’s episode was that she would make a good freshman. Wow, revolutionary. (Sarcasm!)

All will be revealed next Sunday night at 9E/8C on Oxygen! Who will it be?

Project Runway Season 9, Episode 3 (These Will Never Be Live!)

Tonight, a stilt walker fashion show…when you run out of ideas, why not?…and I drank one of the most disgusting beers ever tonight…bottom line, beer should never taste and smell fruity…ugh!…onto the show….
>Note: I guess Models of the Runway won’t be back…I never watched it, so no harm done.
>Fallene is still reeling from “Miss Pumpkin” last week…yeah, Heidi on the stilts, this is really ridiculous, God bless her…challenge, stilt walker fashion show…teams of two and lots of long pant sewing…
>Bert and Viktor are paired up, it won’t be good…Anthony Ryan/Laura Kathleen, Josh M/Julie, Danielle/Cecilia, Anya/Olivier, Kimberly/Becky (uh oh!), Bryce/Fallene…they both were in the bottom last week…First time ever the fashion show/runway will be outside in front of a live audience and press corps…
>Tim Gunn…”..challenge is completely thrilling!” Say what?…designers have one day and will finally be using real fabric from Mood…designs must not go below where walkers’ feet are attached to stilts…Bert is very defensive, and very know-it-all about his fashion history knowledge…how do dresses and skirts work with stilts?…
>I predict Bert/Viktor, Danielle/Cecilia, and maybe Josh M./Julie will be in the bottom…I think Viktor and Bert may scratch each other’s eyes out before it’s over…
(At least they aren’t circus freaks.)
>The Bert/Viktor drama continues…ah, the dreaded word, “strategy”…designs must be chic yet safe…Anthony Ryan/LK–long hoop skirt, hmmm?…Julie is wacky!…Becky stares a lot, Kimberly criticized her last week, and now they are paired together…
>Fallene’s color choices are really bad…Bryce is taking over their design…Josh M. always dresses like a Scissor Sister…Fallene may not actually be a designer, she is self-taught…
>Gunn!…Julie/Josh M…matador!…oh boy, yep, they will probably be in the bottom…Viktor/Bert’s is very gaudy…they are not a team…”shoulder pads are on trend for fall”????…okay…Becky/Kimberly, more gaudiness…Bryce/Fallene will be in the bottom, bad design, she can’t put a bodice together…Cecilia is ripping fabric out of Danielle’s hands…they will be in the bottom…maybe…
>Models are back for fitting, there are some hot messes!…I guess with all the focus on Fallene, she’s probably out, we’ll see…designers are up really early for the outdoor show…Bryce throws together a tube top instead of a bodice…
(Tonight’s guest judge…her ass is real, yet she doesn’t poop.)
>Anya/Olivier are in trouble too, hot mess of fabrics…Fallene decides to make a headpiece, since she didn’t make anything else…showtime!
>Tim is trying to reassure Fallene she did contribute something…is Nina Garcia “lovely”?..nah!…Josh M./Julie-ridiculous!, Bert/Viktor–uh, no…Bryce/Fallene–Black Swan gone bad…Kimberly/Becky–their model is wearing “borrowed stilts”, it looks bad…Anya/Olivier–bad fabrics…Cecilia/Danielle–crazy hair!, design not bad…Anthony/LK–this is going to win, very red…this is freaky-looking, but different…
>Olivier has immunity…he and Anya are safe…the bottom are as I predicted, except for Danielle and Cecilia…Anthony wants LK to take credit for design, weird transition…D/C had chiffon, the judges hate the hair…I hate Becky/Kimberly’s, but it’s edgy enough to win over the panel…
>Low-scorers are up…Viktor/Bert–this explanation ought to be good…curtain dress, “bad costume”…the blame game, Viktor is taking responsibility, Heidi–“Bert, you are slowly turning lobster color.”…what?…Fallene/Bryce–idea was there, not executed…Michael likes Fallene’s headpiece, Julie/Josh M.–concept is terrible, tacky…Julie won’t throw Josh under the bus, Bryce thinks he and Fallene should both go, but he wants to stay if it’s just one of them going…
>Go Big Red!…Laura Kathleen wins the challenge!…I say make the loser of this challenge walk on those stilts…well, it’s either going to be Bryce or Fallene…or Viktor…
>Auf’ed–Fallene, not a surprise…
>NEXT WEEK: They are designing for Nina, oh not cool…GASP!

Why Remaking Dirty Dancing Is A Terrible Idea

I really have a lot of respect for choreographer/director Kenny Ortega, but when I read the various reports yesterday, all I could think is WRONG AND WRONGER!  It’s sad that the growing, well, now normal trend of remakes in Hollywood has finally hit one of the true classics.  I suspect since Ortega choreographed the original film, he thought, “why not?”  Well, I’m going to tell you why NOT.
First of all, iconic films should NEVER be remade, especially ones that are well-loved and reminisced about.  But with the release of the remake of Footloose hitting theaters in just over two months, I suppose anything is possible.  I mean, have you seen the trailer?!?
I swear aside from the newer music in the film, this travesty is basically a shot-for-shot remake of the original, which is lame, but if the producers want to reel in your parents or grandparents, they have to give them some familiarity.  It’s not a good excuse, but that’s what you’ll probably hear.  And if Footloose can be remade, why not Grease or Hairspray? (oops on the latter, which it was actually good, but only because it was based on the Broadway musical based on the original film).  Oh yeah, that too. Dirty Dancing has become a musical, however, it may have been big overseas, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day on Broadway.  I wonder why?  
I confess I did watch the prequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, remember it?
Yeah, not a great idea, and I’m sure the filmmakers lost it when the managed to get Patrick Swayze aka Johnny Castle to cameo as Johnny, but it was hopelessly pointless.  And lest we forget the attempted 1988 TV series, not one of CBS’s brighter moments.
Wait, was that Jan from The Office?  And Paul Feig, who has directed episodes of The Office and he directed this summer’s huge comedy hit Bridesmaids??  Yep!  Ah, salad days.  The mere fact that movie musicals are maybe the biggest gamble out there, a musical remake is a billion times more risky.  And I’m sure since Ortega has all the High School Musical films under his belt, he thinks he might be able to replicate it with Dirty Dancing.  I say no, but there’s been some interesting input on the project from Frances “Baby” Houseman herself, Jennifer Grey (and her remade nose) support a new Dirty Dancing.  Damn you Twitter!  
The verdict on this remains to be seen, but I wish Kenny Ortega all the luck in the world.