The Glee Project Will Have A Final Four

Yes, it’s about over…and without this dude…Cameron says he doesn’t regret quitting…whatever…
So let’s see who can actually win this thing/7 episode arc on season 3 of GLEE

Although Alex Newell has had his diva flaws, he’s been the most consistent vocalist, oh, and the best vocalist in the competition. Yes, GLEE already has an overflow of gay characters, but it would be nice to see Alex written as a freshman or as a male diva to compliment Mercedes. We’ve seen him in drag, which that has NOT happened on GLEE, and I believe we’re going to see him in drag again in the finale. In my opinion, with the exception of Damian and Samuel, he should win.

Irish-born Damian McGinty has been a revelation and he’s improved every week; heck the boy couldn’t stay out of the bottom 3 for a couple of weeks in the first half of the season. He’s probably the weakest singer in the competition, but he has charm and he has heart. And I don’t believe GLEE has had an international and/or exchange student in the cast. Damian provides the writers/producers with the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

He looks like a character and he acts like one, and Samuel Larsen would make another great addition to the GLEE cast and not for appearing to be a bad-ass. Ryan Murphy has said in the past few weeks, and he said it when Cameron was still in the running, is that he would like to write a different kind of Christian character. We didn’t find out until last week’s episode, Samuel has several biblical quotes tattooed on his body. Who knew? Think the guy that quit KORN. Well, Brian “Head” Welch quit the band to find God, but he’s still rocking. 

I put Lindsay Pearce last, because she has the least chance of winning. Why? Hello?!? Rachel Berry; I don’t think McKinley is big enough for two of the same type of character. Plus, she isn’t the strongest singer; she’s suited for musicals, but NOT for GLEE. I’ll be so mad if she wins! I think the only note Murphy and co-creator Ian Brennan discussed on last night’s episode was that she would make a good freshman. Wow, revolutionary. (Sarcasm!)

All will be revealed next Sunday night at 9E/8C on Oxygen! Who will it be?


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