Lady GaGa Channels….Marilyn Manson?

It’s been another big day for Mother Monster.  Not only was it announced she and the Haus of GaGa would be taking on Santa’s Workshop at Barney’s, but GaGa upped the ante by releasing her latest video for “You and I” two days earlier than expected.  Originally, the video was supposed to premiere Thursday night to be followed by a live tweet/q and a session; I think that will probably still happen, (I don’t know as of this writing and I also can’t find out who directed the video).  She simply stated on her Facebook, “FUCK THURSDAY” in reference to the early leak of the video.  
Now, the video…I can honestly say, and I know I’m not alone, I have no bloody idea what is going on!  One keyword in the song is “Nebraska” as the song is about GaGa’s on-again/off-again boyfriend Luc Carl who is from, Nebraska.  Who knew things got so freaky in the Corn Husker State.  
Here are some highlights/screenshots from “You and I”:
Oh hell no!, it’s a toothless wonder ice cream man/woman?, one of the first images we see, yikes! Not an ice cream truck I would want to visit.
Bette Midler is probably still stewing and I bet she won’t be a fan of this!
GaGa takes on a widow meets C-3PO look and I love the big sunglasses.
We are finally formally introduced to GaGa’s male alter ego, Jo Calderone and I knew as soon as I saw this, I knew GaGa would be making out with herself, I was right!  
The sprawling, real live Nebraska corn field, it’s nuts!
Here’s where things start to get freaky.  GaGa is being made into some type of creature/Metropolis thing, I really don’t know and all I thought of was this. Well, at least there wasn’t any extreme oral surgery.
There is a fierce dance sequence in a barn, again Nebraska, but with black leather and aqua hair.
Yes, GaGa goes all the way, at least artistically, I mean that’s a bare ass!
The mermaid looks amazing and she’s very happy in her oversized livestock tub.
SEE! It was inevitable!
GaGa does a lot of running in the video, oh and there’s a dance sequence in the corn field; she runs funny.
One of the last shots, well, it’s one of the first shots, a huge barn that could be anywhere in the Midwest, nice cinematography.
Now watch it and put the pieces together, I implore you.

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