Project Runway Season 9, Episode 4 (Wow, I’m Starting Late!)

Yep, tonight’s episode is ALL about designing something for longtime judge Nina Garcia, UGH!  I will get through it, I will get through it, I will get through it.
One other note, I’ve recently joined a regular Thursday night trivia team, so I may never watch PR in real time, but I’m committed to bringing you my weekly rants, so enough about me…
-Becky misses Fallene, but she gave Julie “a fabulous haircut”, ????…meanwhile, in the boys apartment, “bring the bald guy back!” is written on the chalkboard, alluding to the absence of Josh Christensen; Bryce has “to bring it” in the next challenge…little does he know…
-The reveal of Nina as the “client” gets a mixed response, mostly suppressed terror, they have to design a day look that transitions to evening…Nina has a lot of dislikes, this will make it very interesting, the winner will win a taxi cab ad and he/she will be featured in Marie Claire, oh really?
-Will we see color? Maybe, but Nina doesn’t like loud looks….each designer gets a Nina consultation, montage alert!…tailoring, pants, blouses, all up for grabs, but nothing “dated” as in Cecilia’s looks “a little Dynasty“, oh boy!
(Oh why can’t we just see Nina in her regular role…next, the workroom.)
-TIM!…off to Mood…”don’t be boring!”…but it wouldn’t be a Project Runway episode if something didn’t bore Nina…Cecilia is having trouble finding affordable fabrics, a sign she may be in trouble or in the bottom….
-Anya and Josh M. “back together”…that sounds about right…Julie was a bartender, then went to design school; she’s a wild card for sure…fingers are being pointed at Becky, she and Anthony Ryan have the same fabric, he’s hating on it…Cecilia’s fabric under the light looks terrible…Viktor prefers to work with muslin on the form rather than stick fabric on it…Nina enters…and the outfit she has on is not great, no wonder she needs help…Danielle is her first victim, there’s a lot of “nos” going around…Anya’s fabric is a risk and Nina asks if there’s a plan b, there is not…
(There aren’t many diverse pictures of Nina…this was about the best I could do, not a good look for her…)
-Anya is not panicking, but I fear, the bottom…the Anthony Ryan/Becky fabric battle continues, who saw it first? Who cares?…Lauren Kathleen “Christmas green!” as Nina says…Cecilia’s fabrics look really bad, Nina, “sad”…no plan b either…Kimberly has gold and navy colors, Nina “prison jumper” ouch!…I have a feeling some these same critiques will be said on the runway…winner gets editorial in Marie Claire (or as Nina says, “Mary Claire”)…Anya is going to dye her fabric, now the risk factor has grown by leaps and bounds…we see AR’s fiance’ Matthew…he looks young…they are discussing getting married in NY, you can now boys, it’s legal!…model fitting montage–yawn!…Julie is being featured a lot, she’s either in the top or bottom…she doesn’t sew much…
(“Is that glue?”–Tim)
-I dig Anya’s Beyond Thunderdome hairdo…Tim is searching for the designers, he’s “sweating through his suit” looking at the amount of work that’s unfinished…oh lord, Cecilia’s is a hot mess and she doesn’t care what happens, she’s already accepting defeat…other designers are considering helping Anya, namely LK, is that cheating?…we’ll see…Tim is rushing and panicking…just another runway day.
(Could Nina rock this?)
-Runway time…guest judges, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, Joanna Coles (one of your judges on the upcoming All-Stars edition), and actress Kerry Washington…
-Josh M.-like, a little risky…Bert-boring…Olivier, totally Nina…AR, it’s nice, but how will Becky’s same fabric look?…oh hers is next…oh dear…Kimberly, it’s good, who knows?…Cecilia, UGLY!…Anya, eh, it looks finished…Danielle, boring…Julie, well-made, but a little wacky-looking…Bryce, HEM issue!…Laura Kathleen, very good…Viktor, good, but I need more color…Becky and Anthony are both safe!…and so is Bryce’s glaring hem…
-Nina likes Viktor’s, “versatility”…not in love with Julie’s, big shock, Michael “housecoat”…Joanna “Nina is asking to be fired if she showed up in this”…Cecilia…bad fabric, bad colors, not a good daytime look…Kimberly’s is good, and it’s liked by the panel…Nina is “amazed” at Anya’s design…will someone speak up about LK helping her?…Panel is bored with Danielle’s, Michael, “all she’s missing is the big white belt.”…Viktor has decided NOT to expose Anya’s assistance…
(“Who will be auf’ed?, wait and see.”)
-The winner is…Kimberly!…in: Viktor, Anya, Danielle…Julie and Cecilia are in the bottom…the magic of editing made this possible…Auf’ed: JULIE, quirky old thing…Cecilia dodged a huge bullet!
-Next week: a track, a running track, Olivier goes down!…thus another team challenge…good night!

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