Jo Calderone Overkill? And Other MTV VMA Musings…

Was I the only one who wasn’t surprised by Lady GaGa’s, er, Jo Calerone’s antics last night?  No, but I think GaGa’s move was genius with a dash of overkill.  I mulled over whether of not I would even be interested in the VMA’s past GaGa’s rough and rousing opening performance of “You and I”.  To be fair, I missed most of the first hour of the show (True Blood, hello?!?), though I did see Jo Calderone’s opening monologue (too damn long!) and then his performance complete with Queen’s Brian May joining Jo on-stage. 
When I turned on the VMA’s after I returned to my apartment, I saw Jo again and I thought “is he the host?” since MTV decided at the last minute to go without one.  Then he started another long-winded speech about Michael Jackson Video Vanguard winner Britney Spears.  After a dance montage of some Spears’ hits, Calderone then presented her the award.
Clearly, Calderone/GaGa wanted another Britney make-out moment a la the Madonna/Spears/Xtina threesome of the 2003 show, but after some awkwardness, it didn’t happen.  DARN!  It makes me wonder how much of the whole Jo Calderone schtick was rehearsed and how much was “let’s see what happens”.  MTV’s bleep machine was working perfectly, so that’s why I question how much was planned.  I’m assuming Beyonce’s pregnancy was planned…I’m already over that, not really over her, but over the hype. 
I felt bad for Adele, yes she won 3 awards, they were all technical, but I’m sure she was a little overwhelmed with the MTV machine.  All she has to do is sing (last night, “Someone Like You”) and the crowd respects her, it’s too bad that silence only lasted a few minutes.  It was like a different awards show.  Same thing with the Amy Winehouse tribute; it was heartbreaking to watch the footage of Tony Bennett and Winehouse recording “Body and Soul” for Bennett’s upcoming second duets album.  The Bruno Mars performance of “Valerie” was really good and it was high-energy. 
The only other moment that stood out for me was looking at this:
Katy Perry’s “cheesehead” mystery hat as she accepted Video of the Year; I like her, but her fashion choices are below par more often than not.  She was the other big winner with 3, whoopee zip!
So that’s what I thought….but I couldn’t resist one last shot.

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