Dancing With The Stars Welcomes Chaz Bono…Let The Naysaying Begin!

Oh, I’m so ready for this!  TMZ was already on top of the casting of Chaz Bono on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars on Friday.  So tonight’s announcement was not a surprise, but apparently it’s a surprise to loyal fans of the show.  I was just perusing the comments on the new cast, which also includes: Nancy Grace, David Arquette, Ron Artest, Chyna Phillips, Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, HOPE SOLO, George Clooney’s lastest -ex Elisabetta Canalis, Iraq veteran/actor J.R. Martinez, and Ricki Lake, and viewers are already outraged with Bono’s name and many have said they will not be watching.  The leaked list included Ryan O’Neal, but he apparently didn’t make the cut or wasn’t going to be on in the first place; there were also rumors Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member and former child star Kim Richards was going to be on…no!  
I must admit, this particular cast is very lackluster but that’s no excuse to just drop the show because of one person.  I’m really excited to see Chaz in action and I’m sure we’ll all be treated to at least one appearance by Chaz’s mother, um, CHER, in the audience.  Carson Kressley’s name is the one surprise, as he was never listed in the leaked list nor was he rumored to be cast.  Now the question is, will Kressley dance with a woman?  I’d say yes; will Chaz be dancing with a woman?  Yes!  Is this all very hyped and a ratings stunt?  Probably.  Seriously, head over to here to read the comments that have been posted so far, some are hateful and some are downright ridiculous.  You’ll see a lot of comments with phrases like, “…this is a family show” It is?
All of the hype will commence with a two-hour premiere Monday, September 19th at 8E/7C with the first results show the following night at the same time.  I’m setting the DVR now!

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