Open Letter to Beyonce’

Dear B,
Can I call you B?  Congratulations on your newly revealed pregnancy! (Or as some of called it, “Destiny’s Child”)  It’s all good and you will make a fierce mother, but…
Why the dowdy-looking bikini?  Yes, you may think you are too far along to rock a cool bikini, but you should have at least tried.  On the plus side, you have given mothers-to-be and those of us with a few extra pounds who are not expecting (ME!) hope.  I just think the ruffles are too much, because they make you look bigger; I hope you haven’t sacrificed your fashionista status.  I see a lot of big gowns and dresses in your future, but never give up fashion for comfort.  IT’S WAY TOO SOON!  You still need to empower those of us who want to “run the world”, even if we are craving strawberry frosted Pop Tarts.  Keep doing what you do, just don’t lose your edge, and good luck…
 (My thoughts/looks exactly…wait, is that Chloe Sevigny?!?–to J’s right)

Yours fiercely,

The Erin Grant

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